Carnatic Percussion

Get the detailed syllabus of Carnatic Percussion for standard 11 by clicking the link now.

The Carnatic Percussion syllabus for the academic year 2022-23 is given below as per the latest CBSE notification and requirements.  Students can access it for the reference. 

History and Theory of Indian Music

  • Short life sketch and contributions of the following- 
    • Syama Sastry
    • Brihaddesi
    • Patnam Subramanya Iyer 
    • Tyagaraja
  • Outline of knowledge of following Lakshana Granthas with special reference to laya and percussion in 
    • Brihaddesi
    • Natya Sastra
    • Sampradaya Pradarshin
    • Sangita
  • A unique contribution of the following luminaries- 
    • Mamunidiya Pillai
    • Narayana Swamy Appa 
    • Alagunambi Pillai 
    • Dakshinamurti Pillai
  • The candidates must be able to write in the notation of the percussion korvais in 
    • Rupakatalas
    • Adi
  • Definition and explanation of the following- 
    • Laya
    • Nada
    • Tala
    • Gati
    • Jati
    • Karani
    • Vettu Thattu
    • Suladi Sapta Talas
    • Hechchu
    • Mohra
    • Taggu
    • Korvai
    • Meettu
    • Chapu 
    • Arachapu
  • Tattakarams (Konnakkol) of the talas learnt. Excluding Chapu Tala
  • Basic knowledge of the construction and techniques of Mridangam
  • The candidate should also be able to describe the :
    • Tavil
    • Kanjira
    • Ghatam
  • Knowledge of construction of the chosen playing instrument of percussion

Practical Activities

  • Ability to play the following talas with elaboration. Rupakam Talas and Adi covering at least two Nadais
  • Tuning of the instrument
  • Ability to render orally the sollukattus of the various patterns in Rupaka tala, Adi
  • Mohras and Thekas in different talas with Korvais and Teermanam