Want to know the latest CBSE Class 11 2022 Exam subject-wise syllabus? Here is the complete syllabus for Biotechnology.

The latest CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) unit-wise syllabus for class XI Biotechnology is given below. The syllabus has been designed with the broad objectives of helping learners understand basic facts and concepts related to the subject, acquaint them with the various applications of Biotechnology in everyday life, and most of all, create an interest in the discipline. The theory syllabus is divided into four units.  

Unit-I Biotechnology: An Overview

Chapter 1: Biotechnology: An Overview

Historical Perspectives, Technology and Applications of Biotechnology, Global market and Biotech Products. 

Unit-II Molecules Of Life

Chapter 1: Biomolecules: Building Blocks

Building Blocks of Carbohydrates – Sugars and their Derivatives, Building Blocks of Proteins – Amino Acids, Building Blocks of Lipids – Simple Fatty Acids, Glycerol and Cholesterol, Building Blocks of Nucleic Acids – Nucleotides. 

Chapter 2: Macromolecules: Structure & Function

Carbohydrates – The Energy Givers, Proteins – The Performers, Enzymes – The Catalysts, Lipids and Biomembranes – The Barriers, Nucleic Acids – The Managers

Unit-III Genetics and Molecular Biology

Chapter 1: Concepts of Genetics 

Historical Perspective, Multiple Alleles, Linkage and Crossing Over, Genetic Mapping. 

Chapter 2: Genes and Genomes: Structure and Function

Discovery of DNA as Genetic Material, DNA Replication, Fine Structure of the Genes, From Gene to Protein, Transcription – The Basic Process, Genetic Code, Translation, Mutations, Human Genetic Disorders.

Unit IV: Cells And Organisms

Chapter 1: The Basic Unit of Life 

Cell Structure and Components, Organization of Life 

Chapter 2: Cell Growth and Development

Cell Division, Cell Cycle, Cell Communication, Nutrition, Reproduction, Immune Response in Animals.