Want to know the latest CBSE Class 11 2022 Exam subject-wise syllabus? Here is the complete syllabus for Bengali.

Students who want to take up Bengali as one of their subjects in standard 11th should have proper knowledge about the syllabus to get an idea about the course curriculum. Here are the details regarding the syllabus of the subject given- 

Section A- Reading

  • Comprehension followed by related questions

Section B- Grammar

  • Transformation of sentences
  • Bengali vocabulary (Tastsama and Tadbhabha)
  • Karak and vibhakti

Section C- Composition and Writing

  • Report writing
  • Summary writing from a prose passage 

Section D- Prose and Poetry


  • Dakater Maa by Satinath Bhadhuri 
  • Bishal Danawala – Ek Thurthure Buro Gabriel Garcia Markej 
  • Galileo (Essay) Satyendranath Basu


  • Nun by Joy Goswami 
  • 0Shikshar Circus by Aaiappa Panikkar 
  • Barir Kache Arshinagar by Lalon phokir

Supplementary Reader  

  • ‘Guru’ (Chapter 1 & 2) by Rabindranath Taqore