Want to know the latest CBSE Class 11 2022 Exam subject-wise syllabus? Here is the complete syllabus for Arabic.

Students in class XIth can choose Arabic as one of their Language subjects and must know about its curriculum as well. The syllabus is divided into four different parts. Here is the complete syllabus of class XI Arabic for the academic year 2022-23. 

Section A- Advanced reading skills

  • An unseen passage of 150 words followed by four short questions.

Section B- Effective writing skills

  • Letter writing
  • Summary of lesson from the textbook
  • Long composition such as story, essay, any incident/experience

Section C- Grammar (Theory and Application)

  • Definition and example of the following- 
    • Jumla Khabariyya and Inshaiyyah
    • Tawaabe; Taakeed and Badal
    •  Mustathna, Mustathna Minhu and Huroof-ul-Istithnaa
    • Nawaasib : Haal, Zul-Haal, Tamyiz and La Li-Nafyil- Jins
    • Thulaathi Mujarrad (six Abwaab only) 
    • Abwaab Thulaathi Mazid Fih’ 
      • If’aal. 
      • Taf’eel 
      • Mufaa’alah 
      • Ifti’aal*Infiaal 
      • Tafa’ul* 
      • Tafaa’ul* 
      • Istif’aal 

(NS:*student should not be examined in these Abwaab)

  • Applied grammar (any two, considering the prescribed grammar above)

Section D- Literature

  • Prose
    • Translation of any 2 passages out of 3
    • Diacritical marking of any text passages
  • Poetry
    • Explanation of any five given verses