Applied Mathematics

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Applied mathematics is one of the most important aspects of class 11th. Students should study the concepts given in the syllabus properly to understand the type of questions included in the course curriculum. The detailed syllabus of Applied Mathematics is given below for candidate reference.

Unit 1: Number, Quantification and Numerical Applications

Numbers and Quantification 

  • Simple applications of logarithm and antilogarithm
  • Laws and properties of logarithms
  • Indices, logarithms and antilogarithms
  • Binary numbers

Numerical Applications

  • Seating arrangement
  • Mensuration
  • Time, work and distance
  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • Averages

Unit 2: Algebra 


  • Operations on sets
  • Venn’s diagrams
  • Intervals
  • Subsets
  • Types of sets and their notations
  • Representation of sets
  • Introduction to sets – definition


  • Relations
  • Cartesian product of two sets
  • Ordered pairs

Sequence and series 

  • Applications of AP and GP
  • Geometric progression
  • Arithmetic progression
  • Sequence and series

Permutations and combinations 

  • Combinations
  • Permutations
  • Fundamental principle of counting
  • Factorial

Unit 3: Mathematical Reasoning 

  • Logical Reasoning

Unit 4: Calculus 

  • Derivatives of algebraic functions using chain rule
  • Differentiation as a process of finding derivative
  • Instantaneous rate of change
  • Concepts of limits and continuity of a function
  • Graphical representation of functions
  • Types of functions
  • Domains and range of functions
  • Functions 

Unit 5: Probability 

  • Bayes theorem
  • Total probability
  • Conditional probability
  • Event
  • Random experiment and sample space
  • Introduction

Unit 6: Descriptive Statistics 

  • Correlation
  • Percentile rank and quartile rank
  • Data interpretation
    • Skewness and kurtosis
    • Measure of dispersion

Unit 7: Financial Mathematics 

  • Calculation and interpretation of electricity bill, water supply bills and other bills
  • Bills, tariff rates, fixed charges, surcharge, service charge
  • Tax, calculation of tax, simple applications of tax calculations in Goods and Services tax, income tax
  • Simple applications of regular annuities [upto 3 periods]
  • Annuities, calculating regular annuities
  • Present value, net present value and future value
  • Effective rate of interest
  • Simple and compound interest rates with equivalency
  • Accumulation with simple and compound interest
  • Interest and interest rates

Unit 8: Coordinate Geometry

  • Parabola
  • Circle
  • Straight line