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Registration Process

Know about the CBSE Class 11 Registration process in detail. Read more to proceed further.

CBSE Class 11 Application Process

1. The detailed online registration process of students for CBSE Class XI is given below:

a) Schools need to enter the number of students as well as sections that should abide by the data provided on OASIS 

b) Schools will not be permitted to make any change and are required to fill the information carefully in OASIS

c) In case of any correction in the details such as principal name, experience, valid email address, phone number, school website, person name along with their designation, student details need to be updated

2. Methods of uploading individual entries and uploading excel files in lot:

a) Schools that have only a few students in class XI can directly enter the details on the website via individual entry

b) In case of bulk entry, the excel file can be downloaded by schools via clicking on the Download Excel File tab

The following points need to be considered while filling the information in the excel sheet-

i) The data will not be uploaded properly if schools upload the information in a format other than excel

ii) The data can be uploaded through an excel file only once. Any additions, deletions, or corrections need to be made online only

iii) Candidates’ active mobile numbers and email IDs may be given

iv) The date should be uploaded after completing the entries and thoroughly checking the information by clicking on the ‘Upload Excel Files’ option

v) Don’t submit the details immediately without checking thoroughly

vi) Schools need to cross-check every piece of information and then submit the same.

vii) The details of students should be as per the details available in the Withdrawal and Admission register of the school

viii) Schools should be careful while filling in crucial information such as name, date of birth, and other particulars

ix) The students’ fee amount would be following the date on which the details are finalized

x) The same will be generated automatically by the system

xi) Schools having poor Internet connectivity are requested to download the excel file and then fill the information in offline mode

xii) Before uploading the same, take a printout

3. Checklist printing of Registered students:

a) Schools need to take a printout of the list of students by clicking on the option named ‘Checklist Printing of Registered Students’

b) The printer should be set for AT-sized paper with landscape painting

c) All side margins should be set to 0.25″. 

d) The heading of the list needs to be ‘Check List of Students Registered For Class XI’

e) The information in the list should be compared with the original admission as well as the withdrawal register

f) The subject name and subject code provided by the students should be checked

g) Once all the corrections such as spelling mistakes are noted, the corrections should be finalized online by choosing the option name Correction of Registered List of Students

4. Correction of Registered List of Students: This can be done using three options that are mentioned below-

a) ADD- Details regarding new students or any left out students can be submitted

b) MODIFY- Any correction regarding already submitted details can be modified/updated/corrected

c) DELETE- The details that have been submitted already can be removed from the list entirely by typing the record number printed alongside the details of the students, whose information is to be removed from the list

d) Once the detail is deleted, it cannot be recovered and thus need to be re-entered, if needed, by clicking on the ADD option

Note: The options named Checklist Printing of Registered Students and Correction of Registered List of Students can be used any number of times till the list is completely error-free. 

5. Finalization of Data and Fee payment:

a) Finalization of data should be done after making all the corrections in candidate/mother/father name and the list is error-free

b) The addition of more students can be done in the second lot by individual entry online if it’s not done in the first lot of data using an Excel file

c) The date of submission of details needs to be within the schedule and the limit of the number of students is not sent to another or new lot

d) The fee will be according to the particular schedule

e) Schools are allowed to add and finalize students in a maximum of five lots (one lot of excel files and four lots of individual online entries)

d) After the data has been finalized, the required amount of fee needs to be submitted online using the available mode of payment

6. Printing of Final List of Registration of Students:

a) The final list will be generated once the fee is deposited

b) Schools are required to take a printout of the final list of registered students

c) The title of the list should be Final List of Students Registered For Class XI

d) No addition, correction, or deletion can be done after the generation of the final list

e) The setting of the printer should be A4 size papers landscape printing, and side margins of 0.25″

e) Schools are required to attach a recent and high contrast passport-sized photograph of students, preferably black and white, that specifies the name of the student along with the date on which the photograph was taken (photo should be taken on or after the first April of the academic session)

f) The photograph should be affixed with gum/adhesive (it should not be stapled or pinned) in the required space that is given against the students’ details

g) The signature of the students should be obtained and must be specified in the required space

h) Schools need to keep the final printout that has students’ photographs and signatures for records

i) Schools are requested to not make any payment to any functionary of Bank/Board to process any application in cash since CBSE has adopted the cashless and online mode of payment for various activities

j) Schools need to ensure that the candidates who are sponsored by schools are attending the classes

k) In case of sponsoring fake or non-attendee candidates, it will result in disaffiliation of the school. 

7. CWSN and Subjects Relaxations

a) Schools can understand the relaxations that are available to the CWSN candidates by the choice of subjects

b) Schools are required to submit the names of CWSN students with the regular subject before availing of relaxation

c) The particular students must be marked as CWSN without fail

d) Once the data with regular students have been uploaded, the option of Modify concerning CWSN candidates will be used to edit the subjects of the CWSN students according to the relaxations available to them before making the final data