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Save and Save as

The Save and Save As options are one of the most important tools in any document file as it is the one-time solution to prevent your file from getting erased or to prevent any loss of data. Tap to learn more.

The file menu is one of the most important and is of significant value in any file and is mostly present at the left side in the toolbar. It consists of options like Home, New, Open, Save, Save As, Print and Exit. The file menu helps you control and access all the information and other functions of the document you are working on. It can be seen right at the starting of the toolbar. The Save and Save As option are the most important functions in the file menu on the toolbar. They both are mainly used to prevent data loss from the document sheet before you end the program, whereas, the Save As option in the file menu helps you create a space in any folder or any new location, save a file as a new existing file under a specific name. Both Save and Save As options allow you to save your data either in the existing sheet or by allowing you to save changes and create a new sheet.

Save and Save As: Overview

The primary distinction between Save and Save As options are that Save seeks to update the current content of the previously saved file, whereas Save As aims to create a new folder or save an existing file to a new location with the same name or a different title.

Different ways to Access Save and Save as from the File Menu

Option 1- Manually select the Save Option

  •       Select the file option
  •       File menu appears
  •       Select save option
  •       Save as menu box appears
  •       Browse the location where you want to save your file
  •       Select any folder (if applicable)
  •       Save the file

Option 2- Manually select the Save option in a Saved File

  •       For instance, the file is already saved
  •       Add text or make any required changes
  •       Click on the File drop-down menu
  •       Save and Save As option menu appears
  •       Click save
  •       The required changes are initiated

Option 3- Use of Shortcut Keys

  •       Press Ctrl+S in any file opened
  •       Save and Save As option menu appears
  •       Click save if the file is already saved at an existing location or a new browse box appears where you first save the file with a specific name and in a specific location in your system
  •       Click the Save As option if you want to first make sure that your file has a name and a specific location
  •       After saving the file, make any changes you want and press Ctrl+S
  •       The changes are saved                      

Save Option in the File Menu

Save option can be seen everywhere and is very commonly found in all programs under the drop-down option menu of the file option in the toolbar. The Save option icon looks like a floppy disc on the top left of the document. When you click the icon directly or through the drop-down menu in the file option in the toolbar, your file gets saved with the previous name as it was specified. And as you know, if the file is an altogether new one and does not have any existing record in your system and then, if you click on the Save option or click the shortcut key to save the file, the system asks you to specify a name to the file and the location where you will save the file.

Save As Option in the File Menu

Save As option is the option for the user who wants to make sure that the document must be saved with a proper name and at a specific location on the system. This option is used to make a copy or duplicate any file/folder or to save with a new name. this option always redirects to the menu box for saving the file in any location or creating copies.

Save and Save As: Key Differences 

  1.  Save and Save As options are both present in the File menu option in the toolbar. But, save lets the user save changes to an existing document if it is already saved in a location. Whereas, the Save As option lets the user save the file to a specific location in the system.
  2. Save option doesn’t let the user make or create duplicate copies of the document but Save As option does.
  3.  Save allows us to update the previously saved version to match the current working version, and the previous stored work to be updated with the new work. Save As allows us to save our work for the first time, as well as ask for the name and location where it will be saved.
  4. Save is initiated in one step and Save As option requires some set of steps to be followed.
  5.  Save option doesn’t allow a user to save the document in another format but in Save As does.


Save does not allow you to save the file in a different format. Save As, on the other hand, is a different storey. The Save As dialogue box allows the user to change the file format. The difference between Save and Save As is that Save allows you to update a previously saved file with new content, whereas Save As allows you to save a new file or an existing file to a new location with the same or different name.


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