Representation of Sets

Sets are defined as a collection of well-defined items or elements that do not vary from one person to the next. Read the content to know more.

An unsorted collection of items known as elements or set members is referred to as a set.

‘a A’ denotes the absence of an element ‘a’ from the set A.

Types of Set Representation

A set can be represented in a number of ways. 

  1. Statement form.
  2. Using a roster or a tabular form

3: Set Builder

1. Statement Form

In this form, the elements of the set are specified in depth. Listed below are some examples.

  1. A group of all even numbers less than 10.
  2. The number is in the range of ten to one.

2. Roster form

In this diagram, the elements are given in brackets with commas separating them. Below are two examples of this.

  1. Assume that N is a collection of natural numbers less than 5.

N = { 1 , 2 , 3, 4 }.

  1. The alphabet’s vowels.

V = { a , e , I , o , u }.

3. Set builder form

A property must be fulfilled by each member of a Set-builder set.

  1. x: x is a divisible by six even number less than 100.
  2. x is a number less than ten.

If and only if every element of set A is also a part of set B, that set is said to be a subset of another set B.

‘A  B’ denotes that A is a subset of B.


A set can contain components like numbers, states, vehicles, people, and even other sets. Anything can be used to construct a set, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Pairs of equals

Elements of a set can be in or out. A set could be described using a defining attribute or a list of its elements. It doesn’t matter if they’re listed in any particular sequence. The sets {1, 2, 3} and {1, 3, 2} are equivalent since they both contain the same items.

Two unique sets

There are two sets that stand out in particular. The first is the universal set, also known as U. All of the potential elements are included in this set. This set could vary from one setup to the next. One universal set might be the set of real numbers, whereas another might be the whole numbers 0 to 2, and so on.

The other group that requires attention is the empty set. The empty set is a collection of zero elements. This can be written as and is symbolised by the symbol.

Set Operations

Setup Procedures There are various procedures, however they virtually all consist of the three described below:

The combining of two or more persons is referred to as a union. The union of the sets A and B consists of objects that belong to either A or B.

A crossroads is a point where two things meet. The intersection of the two sets consists of items that appear in both A and B. The complement of A is made up of all components in the universal set that are not constituents of A.

Venn diagrams are a form of diagram used to show relationships between objects.

A Venn diagram is a visual representation of the relationship between two sets of information. For our case, a rectangle represents the universal set. Each group has a circle as its symbol. The circles overlapping indicate the intersection of our two sets.

Set Theory in Application

Set theory is used frequently in mathematics. It is the cornerstone of several mathematical subfields. Probability and statistical sciences are where it is most widely used. Many probability ideas are based on the implications of set theory. One way to express probability principles is through set theory.


Sets can be represented in two ways: the Roster form and the Set-Builder form. Both of these forms can be used to describe the same data, but the style differs in each case. A collection of well-specified data is defined as a set. In mathematics, a set is a tool that may be used to classify and collect data from the same category, even though the items in the set are entirely different from one another.

Sets are an important idea in modern mathematics. Sets are now employed in practically every discipline of mathematics in the modern period. A set is a group of specific objects or a collection of specific things in mathematics. Relationships and functions are defined in terms of sets. A strong understanding of sets is necessary for the study of probability, geometry, and other subjects. The sets can take a variety of formats. The fundamentals of set theory and set representation will be covered in depth in this essay.


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