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Word Analogy (in Hindi)
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This lesson contains practice questions of Word Analogy in crash course of SSC reasoning Segment-1.

Aashish Arora is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aashish Arora
Quantative Aptitude Faculty | 6 Years Exp. | Cleared SSC & IBPS Exams | Got FULL marks in Quant 4 times | Top Educator |

Unacademy user
Thank you once again ma'am for making such a amazing course. It'll be really helpful in my bank exam. Thank you so much ma'am.
Thank you so are mt regular student and I appreciate you following all my courses
Ishan Rokadiya
a year ago
It's my Pleasure ma'am. Thank you ma'am for this appreciation.😊
the way of teaching is great
sir carbon bhi gas hoti h na
pls provide the list of animal movements and sounds in Hindi
Aashish Arora
2 years ago
It will be more flexible to learn these things in english. Try to learn it in English.
Lalit Singh
2 years ago
ok sir
easy to learn tricks thanks sir :-)
Aashish Arora
2 years ago
You're welcome Aditi! Good Luck!!
  1. S50 CraSH COURSE ON SSC REaSONING SEGMENT-1 Word Analogy By: Aashish Arora

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  3. Cricket: an insect related to WORD ANALOGY the grasshoppers but with shorter legs. The male roduces a characteristic musical chirping sound Select the related words from the given alternatives Lizard: Cricket:: Whale: a. Shark b. Mammal c. Football d. Krill Krill Commonly known as small Correct Answer: d fry of fish.

  4. WOrD ANALoGY Select the related words from the given alternatives BANK Banking : RBI:Insurance:? a. SEBI b. IRDAI c. TRAI d. LIC IRDAI Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India Correct Answer: b

  5. WOrD ANALoGY Select the related words from the given alternatives Gas Neon: Solid: ? a. Argon b. Oxygen C. Carbon d. Mercury Correct Answer: c

  6. WOrD ANALoGY Select the related word from the given alternatives. Dark Light? a. Polluted Contaminated b. Accrued: Accumulated c. III: Diseased d. Hot Cold Correct Answer:od

  7. WOrD ANALoGY Select the related word/letters/number from the given alternatives. FUNGI: MYCOLOGY: TISSUE: ?? Mycology: the scientific study of fungi Histology the study of the microscopic structure of tissues Options: 1) Haematology 2) Cytology 3) Histology 4) Bacteriology Correct Answer: Histology .

  8. WOrD ANALoGY Select the related word/letters/numbers from the given alternatives: Length:Meter:Power:? Unit of Length : Meter Unit of Power Watt Options: 1) Calories ( 2) Degree 3) Watt 4) Kilogram Correct Answer: Watt

  9. IMPORTANT UNITS FOR SSC CGL Quantity Length Time Mass Area Volume Velocity Acceleration Density Work Energy Force Pressure Frequency Power Weight Impulse Angular velocity Units (S.I.) Metre Second Kilogram Square metre Cubic metre Metre/second Metre/second square Kilogram/metre Cube Joule Joule Newton Pascal or Newton/sq. metre Charge Hertz Watt Newton or Kilogram Newton-second Radian Isecond

  10. IMPORTANT UNITS FOR SSC CGL Quantity Viscosity Surface tension Heat Temperature Absolute temperature Resistance Electric current Electromotive force Electrical conductivity Electric energy Electric power Magnetic intensity Coulomb Magnetic induction Luminous flux Intensity of sound Power of lens Depth of sea Units (S.I.) Poise Newton/square metre Joule Kelvin Kelvin Ohm Ampere Volt Ohm/metre Kilo watt hour Kilo watt or watt Orsted Gauss Candela Decibel Dioptre Fathom