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Analogy - Concept (in Hindi)
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This lesson is about the concept of Analogy in Crash course of SSC Reasoning Segment-1.

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Aashish Arora
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  2. ABOUT ME: o I have done my BSc. (in Non-Med) o I am running a HOME TUTORING o I have 4 years experience in o Hobbies : Reading books, Gaming, o Course Fee : Contribute (Optional) from Kurukshetra University. firm in my city. teaching. teaching etc. Rate Review Recommend Share

  3. Analogy: a comparison between one thing and another, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification COLLEG .HOSPITAL. College Students Hospital Answer: Patients

  4. PARTS OF ANaLOGY: o Word Analogy. CURE : DISEASE :: HEAL : 2 o Alphabet Analogy. ABDE: FGIJ IJLM? o Number Analogy. 1:8 ?:64

  5. How TO SOLVE A QUESTION FROM WORD ANALOGY? o Basic Understanding. O VOcabulary. o Always have a quick look at the hindi version of the question if you are having an issue with the meaning of the word. Summer Aestivation:: Winter? Options: 1) Cache 2) Hibernation 3) Survival 4) Activation Correct Answer: Hibernation

  6. How TO SOLVE A QUESTION FROM ALPHABET ANALOGY? Basic Understanding o Alphabet numbers. o Opposite Alphabets. A B C D EF G H J 1 2 3 45 6 7 89 10 KL M N O P QR S T 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 U V W X Y Z 21 22 23 24 25 26

  7. E 5 JO 10 15 TY 20 25 (E"JYOTI BAT TO SUN) F6 G-7 1-9 (I KNOW) (1 9) (FOR 'K' - (You MAY USE HARYANVI SLANG) K- 11 (ALPHABET SERIES KA 11 ALPHABET K HAI?)

  8. L (TWELWE) M -3 -"13'" W 3-"23'" N - 14 (Nov. 14 CHILDREN'S DAY) 16 Q 17) DD R-S (18-19) 18 SS9-19 .

  9. (U-V) W (23) (21-22) YUVI - YUVRAJ SINGH) (21-22 YeARS) 24 25 26 QUESTION : ADHM : ZWSN :: CFJO : A) XVRM B) WSPK C) XUQL D) ZXAB SOLVE.

  10. OPPOSITE ALPHABETS o A-Z The sum of number of two opposite letters is always 27. o D-W DeW / Doodh Wala) o E-V EVm machine) o F-UFair Unfair) o G T GT road 1SSS o I- R InfraRed / Indian Railway) o J-QJack Queen] o K-PPK- movie) O L-O LOve/ Lights Offf