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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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This lesson is about the overview of the Crash Course on SSC Reasoning Segment-1.

Aashish Arora is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aashish Arora
Quantative Aptitude Faculty | 6 Years Exp. | Cleared SSC & IBPS Exams | Got FULL marks in Quant 4 times | Top Educator |

Unacademy user
sir such nice wrt cse point of view. pls complete remaining also
You tought very well sir seems so easy.. haryanvi style K:) awesome sir..
  1. S50 CraSH COURSE ON SSC REaSONING SEGMENT-1 By: Aashish Arora

  2. ABOUT ME: o I have done my BSc. (in Non-Med) o I am running a HOME TUTORING o I have 4 years experience in o Hobbies : Reading books, Gaming, o Course Fee : Contribute (Optional) from Kurukshetra University. firm in my city. teaching. teaching etc. Rate Review Recommend Share

  3. TARGET AUDIENCE o SSC CGL, SSC CHSL or Any other SSC exam. o Anyone who wants to have a basic understanding of reasoning. Sf elction Commission Staff Selection Commission

  4. SEGMENT-1 Word Analogy Alphabet Analogy oNumber Analogy oOdd one out Missing Number (Number Series and Matrix) oDictionary

  5. the given d word/letters/num Find the odd word r order if as pe e the following words (A) BCE (B) WXZg7 the dictionary 1. Modicum 2 Options 1)23,14 Answer 2) 2,34,1 3)3,2.14 to a lady in a photograph, Meera Question 16.Find the missing term in the following XBC question: nswer: 2,3,1,4 1) XGH 2) UNO ) YFG t Answer: 2,3,1 FINGERS: HAND: FEET 2) Uncle 3) Son 4) Father Options 56 2) 12 3) 120 4) 51 2) TOES 3) ANKLE 4) HEELS Correct Answer: TOES Correct Answer: 120 wer:TOES o0OR 'O 00QR: 0QST UUWX:? 2) YYwz 3) zzWY 4) YYZZ Correct Answer: WWYZ

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