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What is Soil
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  1. SOIL Soil is the outermost layer of earth surface, it contains several organic and inorganic matter including humus, some liquid substances, and some microorganisms. . Soil is known as skin of the earth and it supports life of all plants and their by supporting different type of life.

  2. TYPES OF SOIL Sandy soil Clay soil Loamy soil Silt soil Peat soil . Chalk soil

  3. SANDY SOIL In this type of soil the particles are around 2 mm in size and it mainly contains sand as its major constituent. It retains very less water and dries up quickly and it is also less rich in humus and other nutrients so resulting in less fertility.

  4. e It is mainly made up of sand particles and the sand particles are eroded rock particles. This type of soil is very easy to cultivate and work with. Sandy soil is suitable for growth of peanut and watermelons.