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Types of Soil Part 2
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Types of Soil

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Science Teacher(TGT), 9Yrs.Exp.,, B.ed, M.A.(Eng.Lit.), UPTET.Study for, IAS/PCS/NTA-UGC-NET/CTET/UPTET/PGT.Teaching is My Dharma.

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very nice type question mam.
  1. PEAT SOIL . This type of soil is found in peat land also known as Bogs or Mires and Turf. Formed from partially decomposed plant material. Peat Soil containing high organic matter is known as Histosols.

  2. . Peat soils are considered as most efficient carbon sink on earth. Peat also acts as an important source of fuel in many parts of world. . This type of soil is used for pasture , crop production and forestry . Used as Horticulture compost.

  3. CHALK SOIL Chalky soil train from gravel to clay like material. It mainly contains calcium carbonate and is alkaline. . If contains lumps of limestone or calcium carbonate. It is considered very less fertile.