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Causes of Erosion
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Soil Conservation

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  1. CAUSES OF SOIL EROSION Deforestation is a major cause of soil erosion, as plants hold the soil tightly together and prevents soil erosion. Rainfall is also a major cause of soil erosion as it leads to flooding and which is also a big cause for soil erosion.

  2. Winds are also a big cause of soil erosion specially the high speed wind takes away with it the top soil leading to erosion. erosion also depends on the structure and composition of soil sandy soil is more prone to soil erosion by wind and water. Overgrazing is also a major factor leading to erosion of soil due to reduction in ground cover.

  3. SOIL CONSERVATION .Soil conservation means protecting soil from losing its useful properties like fertility, it's natural composition and preventing it from any kind of contamination. It also simply means using soil in a sustainable way and its economic exploitation.

  4. METHODS OF SOIL CONSERVATION . Terrace farming- is mainly chat used in hilly area by making steps on slopes of mountains each step is higher than the previous one. Contour ploughing- reduce the following of fear along the contour line and it helps in maintaining a constant altitude.

  5. . Crop rotation also help in conservation of soil as Some crops like legumes help in replenishing the soil with nutrients like nitrogen. .Wind breakers also act as protecting agent from wind erosion of soil , these are the rows of trees which will break speed of wind responsible for erosion.