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Properties of Soil Part 1
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Properties of Soil

Sandeep Sirs Guild
Science Teacher(TGT), 9Yrs.Exp.,, B.ed, M.A.(Eng.Lit.), UPTET.Study for, IAS/PCS/NTA-UGC-NET/CTET/UPTET/PGT.Teaching is My Dharma.

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Mona Choudhary
8 months ago
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  1. PROPERTIES OF SOIL . Soil texture - the size of the particles which make up the soil tells us about the soil texture. Soil texture determines the quality of soil that which kind of crops can be grown in soil and solil will hold more or less water.

  2. Soil structure- tell us about the way , how the different CO components of soil are mixed together that is clay ,silt, and sand. . Soil structure is important for growth of plant, root development, and nutrient uptake.

  3. .Soil porosity- it refers to the number of pores present in soil , larger the number of pores present, better the soil is considered. More pores present in soil helps in the easy movement of water and air in the soil.