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Warren Hasting and Different Reforms
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Waren Hasting Reforms

Dr Pushpika
A Passionate Educator # Women Scientist # Qualified CSIR NET JRF # Lecturer # University Ranker

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  1. Course Overview Crash Course : Indian Modern History De gushpika

  2. Target Audience o UPSC Aspirants o Any Gov exam - Similar Syllabus o Art Students

  3. * Born & Brought up Rajasthan BSc & MSc-Biotechnology University Ranker (TOI) CSIR/UGC-NET JRF, Lecturer & PhD - Biology, Young Scientist Women Scientist (PDF) * Passionate Educator

  4. Warren Hasting - Reforms 1. Administrative Reforms Revenue Reforms 3. Judicial Reforms 4. Trade Reforms

  5. Warren Hasting - Reforms o EEIC Utter Chaos o Intense Famine o Bankruptcy o Dual System of Diwan & Diwani Rights (Collection) Robert Clive

  6. Administrative Reforms o Abolished - Diwani System o Reduced Nawab Allowance 32 to 16 Lakh INR o Stopped Annual Payment 26 Lakh : Mughal Emperor

  7. Revenue Reforms o Board of Revenue, Calcutta : Supervision o Treasury Shifted - Murshidabad to Calcutta o Calcutta, Capital, 1772 & British India o English Collector - District o Land auctioned 5 yrs rather 1 yr, Zamindars Priority o Big Failure, Many Zamindars Dafaulted o Rent Fixed

  8. Judicial Reforms o Pre Hasting Era : Nawab (Chief Administrator - Misuse & Abuse of Power), Zamindars (Judges-Corrupt & Prejudiced) o Each District - Civil (Collector) & Criminal (Indian Judge) Court o 2 Appellate Courts - Civil (Sadar Diwani Adalat) & Criminal (Sadar Diwani Nizamat) Cases

  9. Judicial Reforms o Civil Appellate Court: Sadar Diwani Adalat - Governor & 2 Judges (Governors Council) o Criminal Appellate Court: Sadar Diwani Nizamat - Judges (Appointed, Governor-in-Council) o Expert - Hindu& Muslim Laws o Hindu Laws -Translated - Sanskrit & Persiarn o Code of Hindu Laws (English) Halhed

  10. Trade Reforms o Abolished Dastak - Free Passes o Reduced Custom Houses Uniform Tarrif : 2.5 % All goods (Indian / Non-Indian) o Private Trade -Enforceable Limits o Uniform : pre-paid-postage System o Bank-Calcutta o Dacoits - Police (Strengthened)