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Course Overview
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Overview of the Course

Dr Pushpika
A Passionate Educator # Women Scientist # Qualified CSIR NET JRF # Lecturer # University Ranker

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sir bhot hi acha lga mujhe bhot dikkat Hoti thy is formulae me but aaj apki video se hmko kafi achhe se smjh me Aya thanks sir
  1. Course Overview Crash Course : Indian Modern History De gushpika

  2. Target Audience o UPSC Aspirants o Any Gov exam - Similar Syllabus o Art Students

  3. * Born & Brought up Rajasthan BSc & MSc-Biotechnology University Ranker (TOI) CSIR/UGC-NET JRF, Lecturer & PhD - Biology, Young Scientist Women Scientist (PDF) * Passionate Educator

  4. Objective o Imp - Governor Generals & Viceroys o Significant Acts - 1773, 1784, 1813... o Consequences o Socio-Religious Reform Movements

  5. Objective o India under English East India Company o Revenue, Administration, Economic Policy o Educational & Social Reforms o Vellore Mutiny

  6. Objective o Great - 1857 Revolt o 1857 Grievances o Divide & Rule Policy o Rebellions, Indian National Movement

  7. Thank you Kate, Keview, Recommend