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Lord Cornwallis Reforms
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Reforms of Lord Cornwallis

Dr Pushpika
A Passionate Educator # Women Scientist # Qualified CSIR NET JRF # Lecturer # University Ranker

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  1. Course Overview Crash Course : Indian Modern History De gushpika

  2. Target Audience o UPSC Aspirants o Any Gov exam - Similar Syllabus o Art Students

  3. * Born & Brought up Rajasthan BSc & MSc-Biotechnology University Ranker (TOI) CSIR/UGC-NET JRF, Lecturer & PhD - Biology, Young Scientist Women Scientist (PDF) * Passionate Educator

  4. Cornwallis Reforms: 3 Areas 1.Administrative Reforms 2 Revenue or Permanent Settlement 3. Judicial Reforms

  5. Administrative Reforms o Civil Service Purification o Handsome Salary Company Employs o End Private Trade (Friends & Relatives) o Appointment Merit o Foundation ICS o Cut Down Extra Posts o Separation of Service Branches Commercial, Judicial, Revenue

  6. Continued... Collectors (King Pins of Administration)- Deprived of Judicial Power o Col o Corruption free System o Father of Indian Civil Services lectors Revenue Collection

  7. Judicial Reforms o Secured Sir William Jones Services o Reorganised Civil & Criminal Courts o Highest Civil & Criminal Appellate Court Sadar Diwani Adalat & Sadar Diwani Nizamat o Presided GG & Council o 4 Provincial Appellate Courts Calcutta, Dacca, Murshidabad, Patna Under European Judges, Indian Advisors Assistance

  8. Continued... & City & District Court under European Judge Court : Every Distr ct Appointed : District Judges & Indian Judges / Munsifs Bottom * Muslim Laws Criminal Cases Hindu & Muslim Laws Civil Cases & Suit b/w Hindu & Muslims Judge D ciding Authority

  9. Continued... a Comprehensive Code (Administration, Judicial, Police, Commercial, Fiscal) Cornwallis + George Barlow Based- Montesquieu - "Separation of Power" All Authorities a a Answerable Court

  10. Police Reforms a District Judges- Controlled Police Q District- Divided into Thanas a Thana- Under Indian Officer k/a Daroga a Daroga assisted Constables a Marshman : "Daroga (Aatank) Enjoyed all power - Extortion"

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