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English East India Company
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English East India Company - Facts for Prelims

Dr Pushpika
A Passionate Educator # Women Scientist # Qualified CSIR NET JRF # Lecturer # University Ranker

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  1. Course Overview Crash Course : Indian Modern History De gushpika

  2. Target Audience o UPSC Aspirants o Any Gov exam - Similar Syllabus o Art Students

  3. * Born & Brought up Rajasthan BSc & MSc-Biotechnology University Ranker (TOI) CSIR/UGC-NET JRF, Lecturer & PhD - Biology, Young Scientist Women Scientist (PDF) * Passionate Educator

  4. English East India Company o Royal Charter - Queen Elizabeth I, England: 30 Dec 1600 o Captain Hawkins - Jahangir, 1608, Surat o Firman 1613 Trading Port o Sir Thomas Roe -Trading Rights .Agra, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Broach - Expansionist Policy

  5. Facts for Prelims o 1639, Francis Day - Madras, Fort St George 1668, Bombay-Lease, King Charles II (10 Pound/yr) o 1690, Job Charnock, Agent- Purchased 3 Villages; Sutanuti, Govindpur, Kalikatta [City of Calcutta Fortified - Fort William {King William III] o Trading Ports - 3 Presidencies; Bombay, Madras, Calcutta

  6. Continued... o EEIC Political Power India - Battle of Plassey, 1757 & Battle of Buxar, 1764 Ruled till 1858 British Crown o 1st Governor Fort William: Robert Clive -Verelst & Cartier o 1772, Warren Hasting - Governor, Fort William

  7. Warren Hasting - Reforms 1. Administrative Reforms Revenue Reforms 3. Judicial Reforms 4. Trade Reforms

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