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Lord Cornwallis
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3rd Anglo Mysore War

Dr Pushpika
A Passionate Educator # Women Scientist # Qualified CSIR NET JRF # Lecturer # University Ranker

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  1. Course Overview Crash Course : Indian Modern History De gushpika

  2. Target Audience o UPSC Aspirants o Any Gov exam - Similar Syllabus o Art Students

  3. * Born & Brought up Rajasthan BSc & MSc-Biotechnology University Ranker (TOI) CSIR/UGC-NET JRF, Lecturer & PhD - Biology, Young Scientist Women Scientist (PDF) * Passionate Educator

  4. Lord Cornwallis (1786-93) GG & Succeeded W. Hasting o Remarkable Soldier American war of Independence o Amended Pitts India Act 1786 o Aristocratic Family o Subordinates: John Shore, James Grant & Sir William Jones

  5. 3rd Anglo Mysore War (1790-92) o Tipu Sultan s/o Haider Ali o Treaty of Manglore, 1784: Military Greatness Mysore, Exposed British Weaknesses o Tipu Eliminate : British, Marathas, Nizams

  6. Cause of War o Internal Reforms of Tipu -Worries to British, Marathas, Nizam o Tipu Envoys : France & Turkey o Raja of Travancore, Ally of British 7 Against Tipu o 1789, British Tripartite Alliance Nizams & Marathas

  7. The War :3 Phases 1. Madras Governor invaded Mysore 2. 1790, Cornwallis Commanded, Vellore to Bangalore to Mangalore 3. Maratha + British Sriranagapattinam 4. Treaty of Sriranagapattinam, 1792

  8. Terms : Treaty of Sriranagapattinam o Tipu Give up half Dominion o 3 Cr War Indemnity o Surrender 2 o Prisoners released Sons : Hostage

  9. Consequences o British : Large Territories S. India Malabar Coast o British Got Baramahal & Dindugal o Tipu defeated not destroyed . ..

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