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Verb Phrase: Characteristics And Examples
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Himanshu Das starts the lesson by explaining the characteristics of the verb and main verbs. Then there is an overview of auxiliary verbs and verb phrases. Each of these are thoroughly taught along with detailed explanations and examples.

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Himanshu Das
Senior Business Advisor, Dell. Follow me for lessons and courses on VARC for CAT and OMETs. Concepts without Practise amount to nothing!

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Sir at 7:13( 3203-32) will be 3171 na! and that will be divisible by 3
6 months ago
yeah Right
Sabaali Khan
6 months ago
Shikhar Gupta
5 months ago
nd the correct answer of c is 172/33
Satyam Gautam
4 months ago
  1. Collection: Verbs & Adverbs Lesson 2: Verb Phrase

  2. About Me BE. from BITS Pilani Senior Business Analyst, Dell e Follow me on Unacademy:

  3. Verb Verb: Part of a sentence that indicates action or the state in which the subject 1S Example e He has eaten the chocolate Ram is an obedient student.

  4. Main Verbs Main verbs are those verbs that can stand on their own in sentences. e They do not need the help of another verb to make a sentence meaningful e A main verb directly tells you what the subject of a sentence does A main verb directly tells you what the subject of a sentence does. They can be in present or past tense fo * They can be in present or past tense forms. e Example: cook, eat, love

  5. Auxiliary Verlb These are verbs that are used with other verbs to make meaningful sentences. They are also called helping verbs. They are of two kinds: Primary- be, is, been, have, has, do, does, did Secondary- can, might, shall, should, would *

  6. Verb Phrase Verb Phrase: verb phrase Verb? e Phrase? . Verb Phrase= main verb + auxiliary verb main verb auxiliary verb

  7. Verb Phrase- Examples Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. e He has been acting since childhood Ravi has ordered pizza for dinner