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Usage Of Present Tense With Examples
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Tenses form the baseline of English Grammer. This lesson focuses on understanding the three Main Tenses: Present, Past and Future Tense and thereby further types of each of these three along with the examples. Also this lesson will help us in knowing which tense is used in what context.

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Another ploicemen has been injured as fighting continued this morning Which tenses is it ?
I have lived in banglore can be replaced by I am living Doubt- if action not complete it means it is running please clear the problem
what about PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS SIR...?Thank you for the teaching...
  1. Collection: Verbs & Adverbs Lesson 4: Tenses-I

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  3. Tense Present Tense Past Tense .Future Tense

  4. Present Tense Simple Present I play cricket. Present Continuous I am playing cricket. Present Perfect I have played cricket. Present Perfect Continuous - I have been playing cricket I have been playing cricket.

  5. Usage: Simple Present To express habits of individuals, universal truths and scientific facts Example: Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. " The sun rises in the East He goes to the temple every Monday.

  6. Usage: Simple Present To denote a planned future event. Example: The exam starts at sharp 9 am next Tuesday. .

  7. Usage: Present Continuous To describe an event that is happening at the moment. The batsman is batting. e To describe an event that is going to happen in immediate future. To describe an event that is going to happen in immediate future. We are going to the zoo this evening I'm having a television at my home. (RIGHT/ WRONG?)

  8. Usage: Present Perfect To indicate that an action has just been completed. I have finished my meal. represent an action that's still not over. * To I have lived in Bangalore for I have lived in Bangalore for 4 years now. * This building has been here since 2006.