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Examples On Subject-Verb Agreement
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This lesson focuses on the revision of previous two lessons on Subject-Verb Agreement. It also helps in understanding how subject and verb go hand in hand with the help of examples. Majorly here no concepts are being explained but it is rather explained with the help of examples how verbs change as the subject change in different scenarios.

Himanshu Das is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Himanshu Das
Senior Business Advisor, Dell. Follow me for lessons and courses on VARC for CAT and OMETs. Concepts without Practise amount to nothing!

Unacademy user
sir, please suggest some practice book for subject verb and agreement.
Himanshu Das
a year ago
Sentence Correction by Manhattan. But that won’t be CAT specific.
thank you sir for such a wonderful collection
  1. Collection: Verbs & Adverbs Lesson 8: Subject Verb Agreement- III

  2. About Me BE. from BITS Pilani Senior Business Analyst, Dell e Follow me on Unacademy:

  3. Subject Verb Agreement * A number of doctors are going to be present in the seminar. The number of days in March is 31.

  4. Subject Verb Agreement . India has won the world cup. (RIGHT/ WRONG?)

  5. Subject Verb Agreement India have won the world cup.

  6. Subject Verb Agreement 20% of the country live below the poverty line. (RIGHT/ WRONG?)

  7. Subject Verb Agreement 20% of the country live below the poverty line.

  8. Subject Verb Agreement e A lot of media-persons were there at the venue. A lot of work remains to the completed.

  9. Subject Verb Agreement 100 kilos of cement is not such a huge amount for him. 2 liters of milk s needed for the dessert. . 2 liters of milk is needed for the dessert.