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Usage Of The Past And Future Tense With Examples
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This lesson is a continuation of the previous lesson in which we studied Present tense. In this lesson, Himanshu talks about Past and Future tense along with examples of their further types. It also helps in understanding in which scenario each tense is used.

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Himanshu Das
Senior Business Advisor, Dell. Follow me for lessons and courses on VARC for CAT and OMETs. Concepts without Practise amount to nothing!

Unacademy user
Thank you! very much ma'am for this vocab course.I request you to not break the continuity.I have found it very useful.
Sakshi Abrol
2 years ago
Hi Faizan, thank you for the kind words. Don't forget to review the course if you like it
He has played cricket for 17 years? how? According to past perfect we should have 2 events in past where 1 event happens before other event??
very good explanation!
  1. Collection: Verbs & Adverbs Lesson 5: Tenses-II

  2. About Me BE. from BITS Pilani Senior Business Analyst, Dell e Follow me on Unacademy:

  3. Past Tense Simple Past I played cricket. Past Continuous I was playing cricket. e I had played cricket. . I had been playing cricket. Past Perfect Past Perfect Continuous

  4. Usage: Simple Past To indicate an action completed sometime in the past He played cricket for 17 years . He has played cricket for 17 years

  5. Usage: Past Continuous To express an event occurring over a period of time in the past. I was sleeping at 9 am yesterday e

  6. Usage: Past Perfect To narrate a sequence of events. .By the time I reached school, the assembly had already started.

  7. Future Tense Simple Future I will play cricket. I will be playing cricket. I will have played cricket. Future Continuous Future Perfect I will have played cricket. Future Perfect Continuous I will have been playing cricket.

  8. Usage: Simple Future To express an event that'l take place in futu To ex press an event that'll take place in future. future. India will play Australia tomorrow.