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UPSC and SPSC: Part II
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This lesson is in continuation with the UPSC and SPSC part II. This lesson will provide an understanding of how the independence of these constitutional bodies is ensured by the Constitution, and what are the various functions of the bodies. This lesson also provides a brief on Charged expenditure on CFI and explain how it is different from the Expenditure made from the Consolidated fund of India.

Deepa Beeranur
Exploring Self!

Unacademy user
good job dear deepa
Amazing lessons... After watching this these chapters in laxmikanth was a cake walk. Please make lessons on other chapters also.
Chairman of UPSC is eligible for appointment of President/Governor because according to a SC judgement President/Governor are Constitutional Post and not a Employment under Government.
Jigxy N
2 years ago
excellent mam.thank you so much mam
  1. UPSC and SPSC- Part II Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) *State Public Service Commission(SPSC) Presented By Deepa Beeranur

  2. About Me Deepa Beeranur *An Engineer (ECE) *A Civil Service Aspirant *Contribute: Voluntary Like, Rate, Review, Recommend RECOMMEND

  3. Part XIV Con and ohe Chorman and cther Article No. Subject-matter 315 316 317 31 Publik Service Commissionfor the Union and for the Scaces Appoinemene and term of che ofice Removal and Suspension of a member of PSC Power co make regulacions as to condicions of vervice of members and sf of ezz for loyrs other underleast for 10ys eiher under 319 Prohibikion as to the holding of office by members of commissionon ceasing to be such members Functlons ofpsC Power to extend functions of PSC 320 321 P 322 Expenses offSC 323 2yen Presdere Reports fPSC Composition UPSC SPSC UPSC SPSC RemeyalPresdene insolvent nsolvent Paid employment outside Paid employment outside the dubies of his office ) the duties of his offce 315-323 315-323 Articles w) Untit to continue in offce) Urit to continue in office by reason of infmty of mind or body by reason of infrmity of mind or body v) For Mibthancur but hos) For Mibchmiour but has Watchdog of merit system in Inda Watchdog of merit system in State to consult SC Advice ofto conult S SC is binding cn PresidentSCis bindng on President to consult SC Advice of Body Constitutional Body Acting Chatman

  4. Contents: * Articles-319.320,322 Independence ofPSCs Functions of PSCs * Charged Expenditure tState Public Service Commission 4

  5. Independence UPSC SPSC Can be removed only as mentioned in the Constitution Can be removed only as mentioned in the Constitution Security Of Tenure Can not be varied to their disadvantage ot be varied to their can not be varied to their disadvantage Condition of Service Consolidated Fund of India Consolidated Fund of Expenditure charged on tate

  6. Expenditure Charged on the CFI Made from CFI Non-votable Only be discussed UPSC Voted by Parliament Discussed * NO Election Commission

  7. Reappointment UPSC SPSC Not Eligible for further Eligible for Chairman mployment Chairman of UPSC Member of UPSC Chairman of any Other SPSC Eligible for Member Chairman of UPSC Chairman of UPSC Chairman of SPSC Chairman of that SPSC or any other

  8. Functions UPSC SPSC Services of State I. All India Services Il. Central Services Ill. Services of centrally Conducts Exam II. Services of centrally administered territories States in joint recruitment of any service requiring the candidates special qualification Assistance shi ck All or any needs of state on the request of Governor Approval of President Service sh ck

  9. Consultatio UPSC SPSC I. Methods of recruitment to Methods of recruitment to Il. Principles of appointment, Principles of appointment, Il. Suitability of candidates for Suitability of candidates for Civil Services and Civil posts promotions, transfers posts; for promotion and Civil Services and Civil posts promotions, transfers posts; for promotion and transfers transfers IV. All disciplinary matters IV. All disciplinary matters affecting a person serving affecting a person serving under GOl under GOl V. Any claim for reimbursement V. Any claim for reimbursement VI. Any claim for Pension, VI. Any claim for Pension, personnel management personnel management

  10. ConsultationUPSC SPSC I. Temporary appointment for period exceeding one year and regulation on appointment Grant of extension of service and re- employment of certain retired civil servants 2. shu 10