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Election Commission of India
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This lesson is on Election Commission of India, a very important constitutional body. Included in this lesson are - Keywords related to commission, its composition, removal of its members, working with the body, its powers and function and the various officers assisting it. The lesson gives a detailed account of the all said components and explains them clearly.

Deepa Beeranur
Exploring Self!

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Term of office for election commission members is 6 years.
Hi everyone, Please note there has been a mistake i.e. its NOT the 69th but 61st constitutional amendment act that lowerd the voting age from 21 to 18 years.
Is finance commission a non permanent constitutional body
Hello Deepa. Excellent lesson! Thanks a lot. Just one input - Returning Officers for the Constituencies are appointed by Election Commission itself. Please Correct it in last Slide.
  1. Election Commission of India(ECI NIRVA CHAN SADAN LECTION COMMISSION Election Commission Of India

  2. About Me Deepa Beeranur An Engineer (ECE) * An Engineer (ECE) Civil Service Aspirant Contribute: Voluntary Like, Rate, Review, Recommend, Share Civil Service Aspirant * 2

  3. ECI Permanent Constitutional Body *All India Body- Centre and State Conducts election Fresideut Vice-FresideutLS aud RSAssenblyUTs with LS and RS President Vice-President Assembly Council Assembly

  4. Article 324 Superintendence, direction and control of Elections to Parliament, state legislatures, Office of President and vice-president shall be vested in election commission.

  5. Composition CEC Appointment and such number CEC- Chairman Regional commissioner Conditions of service Tenure of office

  6. CEC and other ECs *All are equal-Power, pay, allowances, perks All are equal-Power, pay, allowa * Judge of Supreme Court (SC) Difference of opinion- Majority Term of office- 6 years or until 65 yrs whichever is earlier Resign *Removal- Special Majority, Proved Misbehaviour or incapacity

  7. Removal Other Election Regional Election Commissioner Commissioner

  8. Constitution Qualification Term of office *Barring of retiring ECs from any further employment

  9. Working of ECI Single member Single member 1993 2017 Multi-member 1950 1989 1990 Multi-member

  10. Powers and Functions Administrative Advisory Quasi-Judicial 10

  11. Assistance to ECI Election Commission Chief Electoral Officer District Retuning Officer Deputy ECs Presiding officer for constituency plling boot Returning officer for 14