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UPSC and SPSC: Part I
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This lesson is on Union Public Service Commission and State Public Service Commission. This covers not all aspects regarding them so named as Part I. This lesson is an account of various provisions like its composition, removal of members, Qualification of its members, conditions of service. As SPSC is parallel to the UPSC, keeping in view that they share similar points, many tables are provided in the lesson and made it clear to the student about on which points do they differ.

Deepa Beeranur
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what a quality teacher
Thanks, it is very easy to understand bcos of table format
kya baat hai one hour me 5 chaptors finished with 100% clearity ........thank u so much please guide us continously
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comparision makes time saving for us. thanks for your efforts
  1. UPSC and SPSC-Part Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) State Public Service Commission(SPSC) State Public Service Commission(SPSC) Presented by Deepa Beeranur

  2. About Me Deepa Beeranur nEngineer A Civil Service Aspirant Contribute: Voluntary Like, Rate, Review, Recommend RECOMMEND

  3. Part XIV Article No. 315 316 317 3 18 Public Service Commission for the Union and for the States Appointment and term of the office Removal and Suspension of a member of PSC Power to make regulations as to conditions of service of members and staff of Commission Prohibition as to the holding of office by members of commission on ceasing to be such members Functions of PSCs Powerto extend functions of PSCs Expenses of PScs Reports ofPSCs Removal and Suspension ofa member ofPSC 319 320 321 322 323

  4. UPSC SPSC XIV XIV Part 315-323 315-323 Articles Watchdog of merit system Watchdog of merit in India Constitution system in State visualises Independent Constitutional Independent Body Constitutional Body

  5. UPSC Chairman and other members President SPSC Chairman and other members Governor Compositon Who? Who? Appointment Qualification Half of the members- At Half of the members-At least for 10yrs either under least for 10yrs either under GOl or Govt of any state GOl or Govt of any state President Governor Condition of services 6 years or until the age of 65 6 years or until the age of Years Term of office 62 years President Governor Resign

  6. Composition UPSC SPSC President i) If he is adjudged an President Removal i) If he is adjudged an ii) Paid employment outside |) Paid employment outside ii) Unfit to continue in office |ii) Unfit to continue in office insolvent insolvent the duties of his office the duties of his office by reason of infirmity of by reason of infirmity of mind or body to consult SC.Advice of SC is binding on President SC is binding on President mind or body iv) For Misbehaviour, but has v) For Misbehaviour, but has to consult SC. Advice of President Governor Acting Chairman

  7. Misbehaviour L. Concerned or interested in any contract or agreement made by Gol I1. Participates in any way in profit sharing of such agreements as or the govt of any state other members of company NOTE: President can suspend the concerned Chairman or member of UPSC Governor can suspend the concerned Chairman or member of SPSc he concerned Chalrman or me

  8. Appointment of An Acting chairman Whenthe office ofthe chairmanfals vacant When the office of the chairman falls vacant When chairman is unable to perform his functions due to absence or some other reason

  9. UPSC SPSC President Governor Report Parliament State Legislature Additional Functions Role Affected by Central Vigilance Commission State Vigilance Commission Statutory body, l 9641 Statutory body. 964] [Statutory body, l 964] Central recruiting agency in Central recruiting agency in India State

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