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Overview of the Course
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This is the overview lesson on Constitutional Bodies. This course covers the various constitutional bodies Election Commission of India, Union Public Service Commission, State Public Service Commission, Attorney General, Advocate General, Finance Commission. This lesson includes the objective, target audience and provides an insight into how to face the examination.

Deepa Beeranur
Exploring Self!

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mam I have a doubt regarding syllabus ..iam a new user so iam unable to found any doubt or query corner in this app ....mam I am confused that after pre there 2 more exam of qualifying nature how many exams actually exists 7 including pre ?? or 9
maam does all constitution body are independent?
Hi Mam, The UPSC is not consulted while making reservations of appointments or posts in favour of any backward class of citizen The term 'any' include SC and ST also?
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  1. Constitutional Bodies Attorney General's ffice Union Public Service Cormission Civil Serv FINANCE ON GOVT OF INDIA NCSC DIA Presented by omptroller & Audito General of India Deepa Beeranur

  2. About Me Deepa Beeranur An Engineer (ECE) An Engineer (ECE) Civil Service Aspirant *Contribute: Voluntary Contribute: Volunta

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  4. Objectives I mportance of the topic Conceptual Clarity To inform on potential traps News paper reading to be easy and interesting Simplify your efforts and widen the knowledge base Simplify vour efforts and widen the knowledge base 4

  5. Target Audience UPSC- CSE, CAPF, SSC SPSC aspirants Syllabus- "Indian Constitution" Syllabus-"Indian Constitution" * Anyone interested Beginners- "Good start Those giving Prelims 2017- "Revision"

  6. Time for a Quote "You will have to learn the rules of the game And then play better than anyone else." -ALBERT EINSTEIN