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Toppers' Tickmaster Strategy: Charms and Challenges (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we will learn about the chance and challenges of toppers tick master strategy in upsc prelims exam and then begin with some practice MCQs on economy for the upcoming prelims

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  1. Mrunal's [T25] Test series for UPSC Prelims 3070 1799013 A unacademy Topper's "Tick master" Strategy: Charms and Challenges We'll start with 25 practice MCQs on Economy

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  5. Topper's "Tick master" Strategy: Charms and Challenges Prelims-2017: GS1 Correct answer 2 marks, wrong (- 0.66) 42 EasyQ 23 Mediu 35100 Q Tough unacademy 40 correct -80m Selected 50:50 elimination walla 50 MCQ 25 Correct = 50m 25 Wrong (-16.5)m =113.5 /200m Cutoff 105.** | So prelim cleared Still there are 10 MCQs nowhere /seen heard before Environment, Art & Culture, Economy.... No need to spend 90% of your time preparing for that 10%

  6. Topper's "Tick master" Strategy: Charms and Challenges UPSC Prelims Paper-1: Correct answer 2 marks, wrong (- 0.66) 18 Mediu 49 201 6 100 O EasyQ Tough 201 23 Mediu 42 35 Tough 100 Q EasyQ 32 201 8 46 Tough - Mediu 100 Q asyQ And nature of Q was such that 50:50 was very tough in Prelims 2018

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  8. Topper's "Tick master" Strategy: Charms and Challenges Diagram 6: Number of Attempts made by candidates in Civi Not a shortcut to success for 1st timer. "Large reading" is pre- requisitee Examination,2014 70.0% How many first attempt candidates clearing? 60.0% 15% of mains candidate are 1st attempt walla 10% of the final toppers are 1st attempt walla 50.0% 40.0% Appeared in CS(P) Appeared in CS(M) Finally Recommended 30.0% 20.0% 1 0.0% 0.0% 1 2 4 5 6 8 & more Number of Attempts Source: UPSC Annual Report

  9. Guessmasters & clickbaiters: "you can become IAS without studying anything!" (Prelim 2016) Find Correct statement(s) about 'Gram Nyayalaya Act'? AAs per the Act, Gram Nyayalayas can hear only civil cases and not criminal un cases- unacademy BThe Act allows local social activists as mediators/reconciliatory. Guess-masters' rules: 'extreme worded statements, Dates, Years & figures are always wrong. In Pre-2016, you'd gain but if applied in Pre-2018 Paper, you'll lose more. CBoth A and B D Neither A nor B 100% Surety 50:50

  10. Conclusion 1. Guessmasters are grave diggers. 2. Topper's tickmaster strategy has its charms but it works more to the advantage to 2nd 3rd attempt 3. You still need to do "lot of reading". No cracks, cheats, 4. You still need to do "lot of practice"- which ones to 5. And so, practice of mock MCQs is important. Esp. of 6. Previous years CSE, CAPF, CDS exam questions- 7 Additionally, I'm running (Free) "[T25]" series (25-25 walla. But even for them Prelim-2018 was backbreaker. hacks attempt, where to 50:50 and which Qs. to skip. UPSC quality. because all coming from same question bank of UPSc MCQs sets) unacademy

  11. In this session.. 301 NOTI 1799013 A unacademy We'll start with 25 practice MCQs on Economy Cha lenges