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Art, Culture & History: Preparation & Pitfalls at UPSC Prelims
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In this lecture, we'll look at the trend of History questions in recent UPSC prelims exams. Preparation strategy for the History, Art & Culture topic, and the pitfalls associated with it. In the subsequent videos, we shall practice 25 mock MCQs from this subject.

Mrunal Patel is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mrunal Patel
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Aastha Jain
8 months ago
hii Akshat, the summary of March, April, May and June are already up on my profile. you can go through them and don't forget to attempt the question bank :)
Akshat Jain
8 months ago
ok thanku so much.. it will help me alot hearty thanku aastha ji
sir tamilanadu ka book hindi walo ke liye nhi hai
Sir, please launch one more plus course of economy for CSE 2018 aspirants. Many of not not able to register since registration closed early.
Any one interested in mrunal economy contact
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  1. Target: UPSC Prelims Topper's"Tick-master" Strategy: Charms and Challenges unacademy 25 Practicee MeQs on Ecenemy 99013 A 25 Practice MCQs on Art, Culture & History, but first a few words on preparation & pitfalls

  2. Few words on the History, Art-Culture prep. strategy Topic Art Culture Prelims Mains (GSM1) Yes No Only Later Mughal to entry of Europeans Yes Yes Ancient India Yes Medieval India Yes unacademy Freedomm Struggle Post- Independence Pre-201 World History No Yes No** (2 MCQs in Yes Yes Hind Mazdoor Sabha (48), . Chronology of events: Goa's indenendence

  3. History, Art & Culture in UPSC Prelims out of 100 MCQs 20 21 17 15 14 14 unacademy 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 ut, getting tougher each year. ! Spectrum & Singhania giving little returns in the last two Prelims, compared to previous eF

  4. Speaking of toughness of the history questions 13 9 2 6 unacademy 4 2017 EasyMedium Tough 2018 Refer these Topicwise qs at Point being: 13 tough, mainly from culture-medieval doesn't mean you should spend 87% of your time in it. because cutoff never 100%

  5. Get over the guilt of not reading "OLD NCERTs" 2011 onwards "CSAT Era" 2007- 2010 Before 2007 "Old NCERT So toppers in this era (and "foote-hue- kartoos type faculties" would vouch old NCERTS over New ones. But since 2011, Questionbank updated New NCERTS in market but Qs from old editions UPSC Examiner's Questionbank still had Factual MCQs from old NCERTs, not updated for a while

  6. why old NCERTs are redundant (useless) UPSC Prelims 2016 Series A-Q13. Banjaras during the medieval period of Indian history were generally A.Agriculturists B.Warriors C.Weavers D.Traders unacademy Given in (New) NCERT Class 7 Ch 7: Tribes, Nomads and Settled communities, Page 94-95: Pause Video 100% Surety 50:50 Skipto Attempt it Yourself

  7. Proof: why old NCERTs are redundant (-useless) , Taniyurs Vijayanagar taxation? What is Araghat ta, Prelim-Eripatti 2016: Ghatikas? 7 Prelim 2017 Sautrantika, Sammi exam: itiya, runacademy and Sarvastivadin They're Not in New, Not in Old NCERT. Besides 10-90 100% Surety Pause Video to Attempt it Yourself 50:50 Skip

  8. Ofcourse, old NCERTs are available for purchase online BUT... 1890-2008 unacademy But collectively this cost Rs.1000 rupees, not worth the time and money given its little utility

  9. Similarly... Indian Polity b DD Basu, MV Paylee Laxmi mikanth a "850 naae revision note" from SC Kashyap.. unacademy If same had to be done for Art , Culture & History AL Basham, Romila, Majumdar Sumit, Bipan Still such revision book will be 5000 pages. Paperback not profitable. But, E-Learning / PDF-walla can cut-paste to build such "Tome" with zero cost in paper & printing, then claim 100% qs could be solved but can you read, memorize & recall ?? # 10-90 Scavengers)

  10. How to grab low-hanging fruits: easy, medium tickmasters' 50:50 HISTORY HISTORYThen HIGHER SECONDARY SECOND YEAR New NCERT SS 7 to 1O (although 10: India & contemporary world, helps in IR basics); .Themes in History 11-12; unacademy 12-Introduction to Indian art. NIOS-Culture PDF If time permits THE PLACE OF VELLORE UPIIN TAMILNADU TEXTBOOK CORPORATION TAMILNADU TEXTBOOK CORPORATION TN 11 12 Textbooks: <serves as alt. of old NCERT> Kings, battles, treaties, Freedom Struggle events & fighters "Single guidebooks" insufficient given the nature of diverse MCQs

  11. Poor cost:benefit Prelims 2017. Q99. Consider the following statements: AThe Factories Act, 1881 was passed with a view to fix the wages of industrial workers and to allow the workers to form trade unions. unacademy BN.M. Lokhande was a pioneer in oraanizina the labour movement But in 2018's Prelims no such unsolvable INDIA Communist questions" from Sumit's book. Hind Mazdoor Sabha solvable from new NCERT Pause Video to Attempt it Yourself Sumit Sarkar 100% Surety 50:50 Fearson

  12. Target: UPSC Prelims Tepper's"Tick-master" Strategy: unacademy 25 Practice MeQs on Econemy 99013 A 25 Practice MCQs on Art, Culture & History, but -first-a-few-words en preparation-& pitfalls 59