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Mrunal's Prelim MockTest- Polity: Legislature, IR MCQs from Pre19
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In this lesson we'll look at the multiple choice questions (MCQs) from Polity asked in the recent UPSC Civil Services IAS/IPS Preliminary Exam 2019

Mrunal Patel is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mrunal Patel
This is Mrunal of Mrunal dot Org

Unacademy user
At saturation output of transister is shorted (almost), both the junction FB .. Vce=0 almost.. hence collector voltage almost equal emitter voltage
Ravendra Yadav
10 months ago
Correct but during question solving we take Vce= 0.2
Mriganka Mukherjee
10 months ago
Yes. that is the value available in data sheet of common BJT..