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Mrunal's Prelim MockTest- Polity Prep Resources, Boundry of current affairs
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Often the students limit their Polity theory preparation to only Laxmikanth, while neglecting India yearbook's important portions. Some students overstretch themselves by preparing excessive amount of Polity current affairs- this is also undesirable. We'll learn the middle path of success in this lecture.

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Mrunal Patel
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That formula is only for disjoint sets or for all of the sets? [n(A*B)=n(A)*n(B) ]
Ashish Bajpai
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For all sets
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Thanks a lot sir 🤘🏻 Dher saari respect aur pyaar ❤️
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Learningspace is website for current affairs. Wo kb se 3000-4000 main year long subscribe kra rhe . Students ko usmein bhi complaint thi. And now we are here to Unacademy highjacking entire study plan (taking away the choice to pick and choose from other options) by charging so high.
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  1. Mrunal's [T25] Series- UPSC Prelims Practice MCQs NOW, Polity Economy-25 MCQs practiced History & Culture 25 MCQs practiced unacademy But first, a few words on the preparation strategy What else to prepare in Theory, apart from Laxmikanth? Which ch. From IYB? How to define the boundary of Polity current affairs...?

  2. IR,Defense, 8 How many Polity Qs asked in each Prelims (Out of Total 100 MCQs)? Can happen with Geography also! Geography, 4 Economy & Yearbook, 25 Agriculture, 4 Environment, 12 Prelim 2018 Out of 100 MCQs in GS Paper-I 13 11 12 6 History & Culture, 21 Polity, 13 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Sci Tech, 13 Difficulty level of Polity MCQs in 2017 2018 In Polity, tough questions have not increased, but rather easy Qs have decreased 14 6 6 5 2 EASY MEDIUM TOUGH PARLIAMENT OF INDIA- on

  3. Polity: Defining Boundary for Prelims-2019 Other exercise comes after that 1. Unpassed bills 2. Rajyasabha TV "Debates", AIR radio and their summaries... Laxmikanth by heart IYB ch.2,3, 20, 28 LX's "Governance in India" Passed "ACTS", landmark SC judgements since 1/1/18 What about NCERT PolSci ? a few slides .

  4. Polity Prep. Resources: DD Basu, MV Paylee, Se Kashyap The Indian EXPRESS M.Laxmikanth INDIAN Delhi gets ready for Chiefneutin aff Ganguly writes targeted by a OLITY Minister Arvind Kejriwal his orders hurt Bhushan sends a M Laxmikanth Current Theory Read daily to gain the vocabulary and expression skill. Not need to make notes - let the PDF/Magz walla do it. Except for your own StatePCS related Polity e.g. appointments, bills in your own state Even for StatePCS refer to this. The recently concluded GPSC-Pre-2018, Bihar-Pre-2018 prove that Laxmikanth is more suitable than local publishers guidebooks.

  5. Polity: Parallel Study 1. President, VP. Governor 2. PM, Cabinet . 3. Parliament CM 3. SLA/Vidhan Sabha 4. High court l5. State PSc 16. 7th Sch. State, (Budget, Committee) 4. SC 5. UPSC 6. 7th Sch. Uniorn Concurrent Factual GK of Articles, amendments asked more in StatePCS but rarely in IAS.

  6. India 2019 (yearbook) by Ministry and Broadcasting... Polity related... Ch2: National Symbols Flag ratio is 3:2, Length of short version of anthem in 20 seconds. National Calendar is based on Saka Era.... Ch3: Polity List of 15 reports of Administrative Reform Commission is given, from here UPSC sometimes has made the following report number with the title of the report e.g Report#6: Local Governance, #8: Combating Terrorism. unacademy . Why is Civil Service Day celebrated on 21st April every year? .Exhaustive list of Ministries and departments. sometime tricky questions: department of Pharmaceutical falls under the ministry of chemical and not under the ministry of health. Department of space independent department, not under the Sci Tech Min. Ch. 20 (Law), 28 (Welfare) . also imp for similar reason - Because some of factoids not given in Laxmikant book and yet asked in competitive exams.

  7. Why Laxmikant's Governance in India? 1. Rights Issues Mc Graw MGrawHil Education Human Rights Rights of Women Rights of Children Rights of SCs and STs Rights of Backward Classes Rights of Minorities Rights of Disabled Persons Rights of Older Persons Rights of Victims of Drug Abuse Rights of Consumers Right to Information Right to Education Chronological sequence of acts, bodies, policies.... Updated e-Book GOVERNANCE in INDIA For Civil Services Examinations . Rights Issues Public Polcy Administratdve System Social Justice 2. Public Policy National Policy on Voluntary Organisations Nationa on Resettlement and M LAXMIKANTH Rehabilitation National Policy for Empowerment of Women National Policy for Children National Policy for Persons with Disabilities National Policy for Older Persons

  8. Why Laxmikant's Governance in India? 12. Regulatory Bodies In IYB these things are given in Fragmented manner, here 1 para short notes for each in revision friendly manner. 13. Quasi-Judicial Bodies Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Securities and Exchange Board of India Competition Commission of India Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board Central Electricity Regulatory Commission Forward Markets Commission Atomic Energy Regulatory Board Central Silk Board Central Pollution Control Board Coastal Aquaculture Authority Controller of Certifying Authorities Medical Council of India Pharmacy Council of India Dental Council of India Veterinary Council of India Central Council of Indian Medicine Indian Nursing Council Central Council of Homoeopathy National Rain-fed Area Authority Inland Waterways Authority of India Central Ground Water Authority Directorate Conerlf i Aviation, Mc Graw MGrawHil Education Updated e-Book National Green Tribunal Competition Appellate Tribunal Income-Tax Appellate Tribunal Income Tax Settlement Commission Cyber Appellate Tribunal Intellectual Property Appellate Board Employees' Provident Funds Appellate Tribunal Customs, Excise and Service Tax Appellate GOVERNANCE in INDIA For Civil Services Examinations Tribunal . Rights Issues Appellate Tribunal for Electricity portEeonomie Reg latory Authority . Public Poligy Appellate Tribunal Administradve System Social Jutike Railway Claims Tribunal Press Council of India Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate M LAXMIKANTH ribunal Appellate Tribunal for Foreign Exchange 14 Autonomous Bodies Delimitation Commission of India Law Commission of India North Eastern Council Staff Selection Commission Atleast go through index from amazon loovisory Bodies inside' button, and prepare the index topics- from any other source. 15 Advisory Bodies National Water Resources Council National Skill Development Council Central Advisory Board of Education

  9. What about Polity in UPSC Mains-GSM2? GSM2 Syllabus Theory topics 1. Comparing Constitution 2. RPA Act 3. Contemporary issues in federal polity 4. Role of civil services, NG0, unacademy GOVERNANCEpressure gro 5. E-governance, RTI, Citizen BASICS AND BEYOND Charter etc for Civil Services Main Examination Saves the time and effort in not having to compile these syllabus topics through individual internet search OR burning eyes in Pirated PDF files. Pearson M. Karthikeyan

  10. UPSC Prelim-2017 36. Right to vote and to be elected in India is a (a) Fundamental Right (b) Natural Right (c) Constitutional Right (d) Legal Right unacademy Pause Video to Attempt it Yourself 100% Surety 50:50 Skip

  11. Span ot Current affairs 2018 2019 Majority of the current affairs are from D-1 year. i.e. for Prelims 2019: Jan-2018 to Dec 2018. JANFEBMAR MARI JAN FEB MAR CA from Jan-2019 to PRI MAY JUN- APRI MAY JUN April 2019 will be limited. From any single month- there is usually not more than 2 MCQs. And not more than 20 MCQS from D-1 year. (rest is theory/ contemporary) Read newspaper till D- Morning. Upto D-1 Month. 30th April 2019, . 2nd June: Prelim JUL UG SEP AUG SEP- 20th Sept: Mains OCTNOV DEC OCT NOV DEC .

  12. Mrunal's [T25] Series- UPSC Prelims Practice MCQs CARD NOW, Polity History & Culture 25 MCQs practiced Economy-25 MCQs unacadem practiced Prep source & strategy - done . Time to practice MCQs-this time sourced from UPSCs CDS-2018 exam, Bihar's PCS Prelims-2018, and GPSC's DySO Prelims-2018. Don't suffer from Megalomania that 'lower exam' question bank is not useful. Atleast such mental exercise helps revision , 50:50