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Time Speed and Distance Part 2 (in Hindi)
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This is the part 2 of Time Distance and Speed in which we will covers some important concepts.

Kunal swarnkar
Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer.

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  1. Time Distance and Speed WELCOME TO UNACADEMY Pat By kunal swarnkar

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  3. Q. 20kmph 40min late 30kmph-10min late 20x30 20x3p 2- Q. 30kmph- 7pm 60kmph 4pm Q. 10kmph - 20min late 20 kmph - 10min early

  4. Q. A jeep travels a distance of 100km at uniform speed. If the speed of the jeep is 5kmph more, then it will takes 1hr less to covers the same distance. The original speed of the jeep is?

  5. a. Walking at 4/7th of his usual speed, Ramu gets late by 15min. Find the time he would have taken walking at his usual speed. Q. Walking at of his usual rate, a man is 3/2 hr too late. Find his usual time ?

  6. Q.Three persons participate in a race on a circular track of length 400m. They can run at a speed of 2mps, 4mps and Smps respectively. How long will they take to meet in the starting point for the first time? Sol Time taken by each person to complete one circle Person 1 400/2 200 seconds-T, Person 2 = 400/4-100 seconds-T2 Person 3 400/5 80 seconds T LCMT, T2, T) 400 seconds Time taken by them to meet at starting point for the first time 400 seconds.

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