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Relative Speed (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we will see concept of Relative speed also we will solve some questions from Relative Speed.

Kunal swarnkar
Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer.

Unacademy user
sir this videos are helpful for the MPSI exam ??? or whether the content of your videos is too high for mpsi exam ??
Mayank Pandey
a year ago
well the exams conducted by VYAPAM are highly uncertain so questions can be asked from these lessons..... however , I'd recommend you to focus on other areas as well... if time permits then you can study these for GK portion of MPSI and these would prove helpful... ALL the very best :)
  1. Relatine WELCOME TO UNACADEMY Speed By kunal swarnkar

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  3. Relative Speed Pelakive speed Pela speed

  4. Q. In how many sec will a 500m long train take to cross a men walking with a speed of 3kmph, if the speed of train is 63kmph :- In the direction moving train. . In the direction opposite to moving train. mls I8 19 Soom . 66 B 33 = 29.99 sec

  5. Q. A train travelling at 55kmph leaves mumbai at 6am and another train starts from mumbai at 9am in the same direction at the speed of 65kmph. How many km from mumbai will trains be together? kmph speed 165km Is pista cc covered by 11 on 3 h to72.5 km

  6. a. Two boys begin together to write out a book containing 817 lines. The first boy starts the first line, writing at the rate of 200 lines an hour. The second boy starts with the last line, then writes lines 816 and soon, backwards at the rate of 150 lines an hour. At which line they meet? A 20ol Jhe-uty mu t 200 2-3 4 66.85 350

  7. Q. A policeman goes after a thief who has 100m start. If the policeman runs a km in 6 min and thief runs a km in 10min, how far will the thief have gone before he is overtaken? e Ikm in 6 min = IO km in 60 min = IIMIS 6 km 6omin loo rn 8

  8. Practice Question: Q. A train 90m long is travelling at the rate of 40kmph. A man is running at a speed of Skmph in a direction opposite to the motion of the train. The time taken by the train to cross the man is: Q. A train travelling at 25kmph leaves delhi at 9am and another train travelling at 35kmph starts at 2pm in the same direction . How many km from delhi are they together?

  9. e Follow me on - 00:10 (Hindi) Laplace Transform GATE Share kunal swarnkar (Hindi) Laplace Transform - GATE 5.0* (1 rating) Write a review kunal swarnkar 112 5 views Hindi) Lanlace Transform GATE Kunal swarnkar unal swarnkar Educator since August 2018 Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer 4 5.0 (Tr Write a review 2 Follow Followers Following Courses

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