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Time Speed and Distance Part 1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson covers all the basic concepts of time Distance and Speed.

Kunal swarnkar
Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer.

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Thanks you so much Ma'am! It helped a lot! I'll certainly get good marks this year.
thanks for your feedback 😃
  1. WELCOME TO UNACADEMY Tune, Distance & Speea Part 1

  2. About me Kunal swarnkar . Bachelor's of engineering Mechanical engineering o Rate, review and recommend o Follow me on

  3. Overview :- Speed, Distance & Time e Problems with Train . Relative Speed Boat and stream Previous year questions

  4. Time Speed and Distance Speed Distance/Time Q. A Train runs at the rate of 45km/hr. What is its speed in m/s? 5 18 360 4 x 10 36 E. 18

  5. To convert kmph to m/s To convert m/s to kmph 5 19 18

  6. Q. If A goes from Delhi to Noida at a speed of 30km/hr and comes back at a speed of 70km/hr. Then what is his average speed during the entire journey? "Tota, distance speed Si S 30 70

  7. Q. A bird flying 400km the 1st 100km at the rate of 100km/hr, 2nd at the rate of 200km/hr, 3rd at the rate of 300km/hr and 4th at the rate of 400km/hr. Find the avg speed of the bird? Q. I have to be certain place at a certain time and find that I shall be 15 min too late, if I walk at 4kmph; and 10 min too early if I walk at 6kmph. How far do I have to walk? Timu die 25 min 60 24 60 25 min 12. 24 60

  8. e Follow me on - 00:10 (Hindi) Laplace Transform GATE Share kunal swarnkar (Hindi) Laplace Transform - GATE 5.0* (1 rating) Write a review kunal swarnkar 112 5 views Hindi) Lanlace Transform GATE Kunal swarnkar unal swarnkar Educator since August 2018 Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer 4 5.0 (Tr Write a review 2 Follow Followers Following Courses

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