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Problem with Train (in Hindi)
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In this topic we will covers concept of trains and problems with Train.

Kunal swarnkar
Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer.

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main mera July 2018 ka certificate nai ayaa .kuch ho skta g?
  1. Qrablem mith WELCOME TO UNACADEMY Tnain By kunal swarnkar

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  3. Problem with Trains Q. A train passing through a stations crosses a man in 20 sec. Calculate the length of train if it runs at a speed of 20m/s. s Disan T= 20 sec 20 20

  4. Q. The time in which a train 180 m long, travelling at a speed of 30kmph, will pass a signal pole is Tiu speed Speed s3okmph 8.33 18 -21.6 sec

  5. Q. 125 m long train runs at a speed of 60kmph cross a bridge in 30 sec, find the length of bridge? speed a koih S- 60 66s To tad disrauce Koveled (l+

  6. Q. Train runs 36kmph crosses a pole in 22 sec how many time wil it take to cross a 350m long train? speed ob-hain s= 36 kmph Timu dare lo Uoss9 250 m Jonz a 220350 26 10m/s 1o 8 57 sec 10% 22-220m

  7. Q. Train moves past a telegraph pole and a bridge 264m long in 8 and 20sec respectively. What is the speed of the train? 1- l+264 20 b2cum 20sec 1 L m--> 8 sec 20 1 22

  8. Q. A railway passenger counts the telegraph posts as he passes them. If they are 50m apart and train is going at 48kmph, how many posts will he pass per minute? 3.33 60 So So So Sc 48kmpl Poie 5 o

  9. . Follow me on - 00:10 08:32 (Hindi) Laplace Transform GATE Share kunal swarnkar (Hindi) Laplace Transform GATE 5.0* (1 rating) Write a review kunal swarnkar 112 views Hindi) Lanlace Transform GATE Kunal swarnkar unal swarnkar Educator since August 201 Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer 4 5.0 (1r Write a review 2 Follow Followers Following Courses

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