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The Successors of Shivaji (in Hindi)
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The Maratha Empire is located west of present-day India.They ruled from 1674 to1818 and extended their territories. In this video,I am discussing the Successors of Shivaji.

Bibhuti Bhusan Swain
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  1. The Successors of Shivaiji 4999

  2. Sambhaji Sambhaji was the second rulet ol the Maratha kingdoni. Sambhaji was born at Pufandar fort to Saibai, Shivaji's first wife. His mot her d ied when he was two veiIN 011 and ho w as lais bv liis pa tel'llal grandmother Jijabai. He was successor of the realm after his father's death, and ruled it for nine years. 4999

  3. Sambhaji Sambhaji was married to Jivubai He resumed his father's expansionist policies to avoid Raj put-Maratha alliance, as well as to resume his long relations with the I Sultanates. Deccan Sambhaji's rule was largely shaped by the ongoing wars between the Maratha kingdom and Mughal Empire as well as other neighbouring powers such as the Siddis, Mysore and the Portuguese in Goa. 299

  4. Sambhaji In AD 1682 the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb himself headed South India with his entire imperial court, administration, and an army of about 180,000 troops which proceeded to conquer the Sultanates of Bijapur and Golconda. In 1689, Sambhaji was captured, tortured and exeeuted by the Mughals, and succeeded by his brother Rajaram 4999

  5. Rajaram I Rajaram Raje Bhosale was the younger son of Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji. Rajaram was born to Shivaji and his younger wife, Soyar February, 1670 He was thirteen years younger than his broth abai on r, Samblinji. Given the ambitious nature of Soyarabai, Rajaram was installed on the Maratha throne upon the death of his father in 1680. However, Sambhaji quickly won over the Maratlia generals to his side and claimed the throne.

  6. Rajaram I After the death of Sambhaji, Rajaram was crowned at Raigad on 12 March 1689. very short reign, during which he was engaged in a strugglo He hada with the Mughals. In October, AD 1689, Mughal army, under Zulfikar Khau, launched an attack upon Raigarh. All the members of Sambhajis family, including his son Sahu, were made captive. 4999 He died in AD 1700 at Satara, which had become the capital after the fall of Jinji.

  7. Sivaji and Tarabai Shivaji II or Shiva Rajaram was son of Maratha ruler Chhattrapati Rajaram and his wife Tarabai. She gave stability to the Maratha state during crisis in civil and military affairs equally. Tarabai was disposed by Mughal's with the help Brahaman named Balaji Vishwanath. Chitpavan 4999

  8. Shaliu I Shahu Bhonsle was the fifth Chhatrapati of the Maratha Empire created by his grandfather, Shivaji. The Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah released Shahu which led the foundation of civil war between him and Tarabai. Shahu defeat Tarabai at the Battle of Khed (Oober , 1707) and occupied Satara. 4999

  9. Shaliu I During his reign, Maratha kingdom was split into part- Kolhapur under Tarabai and Satara under Shahu. In 1731, the two feuds wete finally settled through Treaty of Warna. Under Shahu's reign, Maratha power and influence extended to all corners of the Indian subcontinent. 4999 Shahu died in 1749

  10. The Successors of Shivaiji 4999