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The Revolt Of 1857: 1.8 Revise In <10 Minutes (for UPSC CSE)
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This lesson deals with the summary of the entire revolt of 1857 and finishes it in less than 10 minutes. It starts with the timeline of events from 1856 (Annexation of Awadh) to 1858 (Allahabad Durbar). It deals with the causes, effect, reasons for the failure of the revolt and aftermath.

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Amazingly explained. Thank you!
Videos are much useful and the idea of 10 min video is great, rather than hours and hours spent for seeing. Continue that limit of time
thankyou sir! please make available the pdf asap
kindly create more video's on a single topic such as empires from ages and gandhiji's era ...
awesome summing up all the major events of Revolt of 1857
  1. THE REVOLT OF 1857: 1.8 REVISE IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES Presented by Roman Saini

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  3. 1856 General Services Enlistment Act Religious Disabilities Act Prince Annexation of Awadh Summary Settlement Faqiruddin died 10th May Mutiny in Meerut June Revolt involves major regions civilians 30 June Battle of Chinhat (Maulavi Ahmadullah) Last week of May - Revolt spreads in UP September Delhi recaptured 1857 11th-12th May - Rebel reach Delhi; BSZ proclaimed emperor o Hindustan une Sir Hugh Wheeler lost to Nana Saheb, kicked out of Kanpur July - Shah Mal (Jat peasant leader) killed Dec- Kanpur captured by Sir Colin Campbell 30th May Lucknow

  4. 1858 May-June Rani 1st Nov, 1858: Allahabad Proclamation June Rani Laxmibai killed, Gwalior fort recaptured, end of revolt March Lucknow captured; Begum Hazrat Mahal: Nepal Laxmibai captured Gwalior Fort

  5. Rebellion : expression of suppressed feelings against the Colonialism Causes: Economic causes Extremely harsh taxation (summary settlement), industrial revolution, destroying the very fabric of indian handicrafts industry, no provision of alternate employment, zero industrialisation in India, DOW, Land taken away. Political causes: greed, SAS, DoL, etc. Military causes Sepoys were completely frustrated, past mutinies, enfield, atta bone powder, Bhatta, inferiority, caste marks, crossing of sea. Socio-economic causes: Affecting Indian customs: Sati, Widow remarriage, Child marriage, Women education

  6. Reasons of Failure: Limited to UP Delhi, Bihar and northern MP Only certain classes participated. Numerous states and classes supported British (especilly Rajasthan, Punjab, Madras and intelligentsia) Inferior resources, equipments, training etc. Absence of modern means of communication, coordination and a unified leadership. Absence of understanding of colonial rule Effect: > GOI, 1858. EIC ends. Viceroy. Queen becomes empress of India. Struggle for next 90 years gets a start.