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The Revolt Of 1857: 1.6 Analysis (for UPSC CSE)
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This lesson deals with: 1. Algorithm to learn the 24 names of revolt 2. Nature of the rebellion 3. Past mutinies 4. Events of the rebellion 5. Quotes and Analysis 6. Final conclusion by Roman (useful for the exams)

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done mam please provide more practice questions mam
You were like Sherlock standing in the battlefield of 1857 dissecting each scenario
Awsm... I just travld through history
your classes are fantastic and more, more and more useful.Your ppt, the information and your teaching is very very disciplined. Please prepare complete modern Indian History. Than you so much for your kind interest in spreading education. Regards: Rudresh
sir please do videos for all static portions of upsc syllabus.....
  1. THE REVOLT OF 1857: 1.6 ANALYSIS Presented by Roman Saini

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  3. INDIAN REBELLION OF 1857: NAMES OF REVOLT ALGORITHM Great Rebellion Indian Revolt of 1857 Sepoy Mutiny Uprising

  4. NATURE OF THE REBELLION No natural single leader: Landed aristocrats and feudal lords lead from the front. Broad social base consisting of peasants, artisans, sepoys, prince, rulers, landlords, shopkeepers, common man etc. No communalism. Hindu-Muslim unity. Not the first mutiny, sepoy did it earlier

  5. PAST MUTINIES 764 : Sepoy mutiny in Bengal, brutally suppressed 1824 Barrackpore 1844 Allowance (Bhatta)

  6. NATURE OF THE REBELLION Massive law and order violation >Parallel authority established under BSZ: Coins, Courts, Orders, Administration Ordnance stores were looted (though Britishers tried to burn them at various places) Treasuries were ransacked

  7. INDIAN REBELLION OF 1857: QUOTES It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the so-called First National War of Independence of 1857 is neither First, nor National, nor war of Independence: R.C Majumdar It was far more than a mutiny, Yet much less than a first war of independence. Stanley Wolpert Unpatriotic and selfish sepoy mutiny with no native leadership and no popular support: Sir John Seeley

  8. INDIAN REBELLION OF 1857: QUOTES Dr. K Datta: Military outbreak, which was taken advantage of by certain d been affected by the new political order > India's First War of Independence by VD Savarkar -SN Sen Sarred as fght for reli,ne up as a war of indgpendence

  9. INDIAN REBELLION OF 1857: QUOTES Marxist historians: Soldiers-peasant combine struggle against feudal, foreign bondage Holmes: Conflict between civilisation and barbarism Rees: War of religious fanatics with Christians Had a single leader of ability arisen among them (the rebels), we must have been lost beyond redemption: John Lawrence

  10. FINAL CONCLUSION > GOI celebrated 150th anniversary of "India's First War of Independence" in 2007.