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The Portuguese - Advent of European Invasion (in tamil)
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India had contacts with Europe since time immemorial through land route, which affected both India and Europe culturally and materially. But the advent of European powers into India by discovering sea route to India had far-reaching consequences on the shape and course of Indian society and history from the middle of the 15th century. Here in this course i am going to explain the Portuguese Invasion in India

Karthick Selvaraj
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  2. Prince Henry- The Navigator Prince Henry of Portuguese started a school for training Seamen on Scientific Navigation Bartholomeu Diaz was the first sailor from Portuguese who set out on his voyage in 1487 AD He came upto southmost tip of Africa He named it as Cape of Stroms Later on the Portuguese king renamed it as The Cape of Good Hope

  3. Vascodagama On 27th May 1498, a Portuguese sailor Vascodagama crossed the Cape of Good Hope and reached Calicut in India Welcomed by Zamorin(Hindu King) of Calicut 1501-Vascodagama again came to India & set up a factory at Cannanore Then Portuguese established another two factories in Calicut & Cochin

  4. Francisco - de - Almeida(1505 - 1509AD) He was the first Viceroy of the Portuguese possessions in India During his period the Portuguese defeated Arab traders Blue Water Policy 1509 He was defeated & killed by Egyptians

  5. Alfonso - de - Albuquerque(1509 -1515AD) He captured Goa from the sultan of Bijapur in 1510 & made it as capital The real founder of Portuguese power in India He was a great Conqueror & Good Administrator He treated Hindus well & opened school for their education He died at Goa in 1515