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The British - Advent of European Invasion (in tamil)
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India had contacts with Europe since time immemorial through land route, which affected both India and Europe culturally and materially. But the advent of European powers into India by discovering sea route to India had far-reaching consequences on the shape and course of Indian society and history from the middle of the 15th century. Here in this course i am going to explain the British Invasion in India

Karthick Selvaraj
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सर, आज ग्लोबलाइजेशन के दौर में NAM जैसी चीज बहुत अलग लगती है,, नेगेटिव पॉइंट- *चीन की साम्राज्यवादी नीति * ट्रेड वॉर * शीत युद्ध जैसा बनता माहौल, * अमेरिका का भरोसा उठना। पॉजिटिव साइड- * जितना हो सके युद्ध को टालना * भारत का शांतिदूत बन कर उभरना * भारत का ही इसे शुरू करना, *और भारत ही एकमात्र ऐसा देश है आज जो खुलकर किसी भी राष्ट्र के बीच मध्यस्थता कर सकता है।।।

  2. In 1588, the English defeated the Spanish Armada & consequently became the most important naval power of Europe Then they thought of establishing colonies in the Eastern countries So the English East India company was started by 100 from Queen Elizabeth -I on Dec 31st 1600 to carry on trade with the East London merchants who received permission

  3. In 1608, King James I of England sent Captain William Hawkins to the court of Jahangir to obtain permission to establish a factory at Surat but permission refused In 1615, Sir Thomas Roe arrived at the court of Jahangir and succeeded in getting permission to set up their trading centres at Agra, Broach & Ahamadabad

  4. In 1639, Francis Day, bought a piece of land from the Raja of Chandragiri & laid the foundation for modern Madras for a small rent In 1640 the British built Fort St.George in Madras Charles Il the King of England married Catherine the daughter of the king of Portugal He bought Bombay, a small village as a part of dowry

  5. In 1668, Charles II gave Bombay on lease to the English East India company at a nominal rent of 10 Euro In 1699 they got permission from Aurangazeb & set up a factory in Calcutta Built a fort William after King William IlI >Then they established factories at Hariharpur, Balasore, Hughli & Kazimbazaar

  6. >The British settlements soon developed into centres of commercial activities Thus the English East India company expanded its influence & control over India till 1858 Then the administration of India was taken over by British Crown from English East India company