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The Dutch - Advent of European Invasion (in tamil)
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India had contacts with Europe since time immemorial through land route, which affected both India and Europe culturally and materially. But the advent of European powers into India by discovering sea route to India had far-reaching consequences on the shape and course of Indian society and history from the middle of the 15th century. Here in this course i am going to explain the Dutch Invasion in India

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  2. After the decline of Portuguese Power, the Dutch arrived India The Dutch people of Holland founded the Dutch East India Company in 1602 & began to trade with eastern countries They concentrated on East Asia called Spice Islands

  3. The Dutch set - up their first factory at Masulipatnam in 1605 The Dutch Company established other trading centres at Chinsura, Nagapattinam, Surat, Cambay, Balasore Patna, Ahamdabad & Kazimbazaar They founded Pulicat near Madras in 1610 & built a fort there Nagapattinam become Capital in 1689 Meanwhile the English also sent their merchants to do the spice trade but the Dutch did not like the British Interference over there

  4. So they made a plan against the English merchants & killed many of English merchants at Amboyna in 1623 AD That is called as Amboyna Massacre This incident created enmity between the English and the Dutch Then the English left the Spice Islands & concentrated their trade in India

  5. In India, the English had grown powerful and the Dutch were no match for them In 1759 the English captured Chinsura from the Dutch And a little later they also captured Nagapattinam Thus the Dutch power in India came to end