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The French - Advent of European Invasion (in tamil)
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India had contacts with Europe since time immemorial through land route, which affected both India and Europe culturally and materially. But the advent of European powers into India by discovering sea route to India had far-reaching consequences on the shape and course of Indian society and history from the middle of the 15th century. Here in this course i am going to explain the French Invasion in India

Karthick Selvaraj
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  2. The last European people to arrive in India were the French The French East India Company was formed in 1664 AD during the reign of King Louis XIV to trade with India In 1668 AD the French established their first factory at Surat and in 1669 AD established another French factory at Masaulipatam

  3. In 1673 AD the Mughal Subedar of Bengal allowed the French to set up a township at Chandernagore In 1674 AD, the French obtained a village called Pondicherry from the Sultan of Bijapur and founded a thriving city on it which later became the main stronghold of the French in India Pondicherry Capital of French establishment in India

  4. The French East India Company took hold of Yanam in 1723 AD They got Mahe in 1725 and Karaikal in 1739 French possessions around conflict between the French and the English to Dupleix came to India 1742 as a Governor of the Under him the French increased their influence all Under such Circumstances there was bound to be a establish supremacy in India

  5. The clash of trade interests between the two ultimately led to a series of wars called Carnatic Wars *First Carnatic War (1746-1748) * Second Carnatic War (1749-1754) *Third Carnatic War (1756-1763) Finally the British came out successful & established their powers in India by sending the French out of India