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Test 3
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This lesson contains 10 high quality MCQs.

Akash Agrawal
IRS ( IT ) | Guinness Book of World Records in Solving Rubiks' Cube | IIT Bombay Alumnus .

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thnk u sir for making each term understand clearly...
CSE 2017 : Rank : 780 :0190624 : AKASH AGRAWAL Heartly congratulation sir..........
1 k = -272.15 degree Celsius ( but difference of 1 degree Celsius is equal to 1 kelvin )
Tonnes of wishes for your bright future sir ..and lot of thanks..
Thank you very much sir, please continue it
Sir, Is this course enough to crack prelims?
  1. UPSC 2018 Top 500Expected MCQs by IIT-ian Presented By - Akash Agrawal

  2. Test 3 There will be total 25 Tests (250 MCQs) 10 Questions in Each test .Mix ( Polity, Economy, Environment, Science and Tech , IR etc.) . There will be Surprises and Assignments "You are the MASTER of your DESTINY: No one and nothing can come in between you and your destiny except you. Take destiny by the horns and HAVE FUN." Write down your scores , A Must!

  3. Instructions Paused the video Answer the question Resume Score 9-10Very high chance of selection 7-8 5-6 3- 4 0-2Wake Up Remarks Keep going, just there Need to do more ,burn more fuel More hard work Must calculate score Write down belovw Assess your self

  4. Q1)THAAD, recently seen in news is ? A) A ship full of pollutants to be dismantled in India B ) A research center proposed to be estabslished in Antarctica by the United Nations C)A controversial U.S. missile defense system D) None of these

  5. C) Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile is deployed by USA in South Korea

  6. Q2)Consider the following statements: 1. Despite reasonably high growth , job creation is modest in India 2. Growth is happening in India more because of the utilization of existing capacity Select the correct answer using the codes given below? A) 1 only B 2 only C) Both 1 and 2 D) Neither 1 nor 2

  7. C) Both 1 and 2 There is a general concern that despite reasonable high growth ( the average growth of GDP for three years beginning 2014-5 is 7.5% ) job creation has been modest Growth can happen because of greater utilization of existing capacity or new investment .Job creation in the first case will only be modest as is happening currently in India

  8. Q3) Ease of Doing Business A) World Bank B) International Monetary fund C) United Nations D )Asian Development Bank report is published by?

  9. A) World bank publishes the ease of doing business 'report

  10. Q4) Consider the following statements: 1. The Paris agreement is an agreement within the united Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 2. It is concerned with greenhouse gases emissions' mitigation, adaptation and finance starting in the year 2020 Select the correct answer using the code given below? A) 1 only B) 2 only C) Both 1 and 2 D) Neither 1 nor 2

  11. Q5)Consider the following statements: When westward moving cyclones in the Western Pacific Ocean recurve or start to swing north - east they negatively affect monsoon rainfall in India The recurving of the westward moving cyclones in the Western Pacific Ocean frequently happens during El Nino Years. 1. 2. Select the correct answer using the codes given below? A) 1 only B ) 2 only C) Both 1 and 2 D ) Neither 1 nor 2

  12. Q7)which of the statements give below is / are correct about a charged particle moving in a constant magnetic field? 1. The speed of the particle will change 2. The direction of movement will change 3. The charge of the particle will change 4. The mass of the particle will change Select the correct answer using the code given below A)1 and 3 only B) 2 only C) 1,3 and 4 only D) 2 and 3 only

  13. Q8)A fire extinguisher helps in controlling the fire by: 1. Cut off the supply or air 2. Eliminating the fuel 3. Bring down the temperatures of the fuel Select the correct using the code given below? A) 1 and 2 only B) 1 and 3 only C) 2 and 3 only D)All of the above

  14. B) 1 and 3 only There are 3 essentials requirements for producing fire. These are : fuel, air (to supply oxygen) and heat ( to raise the temperature of the fuel beyond the ignition temperature) Fire can be controlled by removing one or more of these requirements. The job of a fire extinguisher is to cut off the supply of air, or to bring down the temperature of the fuel or both

  15. Q9) White, Red and black are allotropic forms associated with which of the following elements? A) Phosphorus B) Sulfur C) Carbon D) Boron

  16. Thank You "There is always something more to learn. Check our other courses EVEN FOR A MASTER. April (Hindi + English) Editorial discussion Evergreen science and technology topic Top 250 S & T McQs