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Test 2
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This lesson contains 10 high quality MCQs.

Akash Agrawal
IRS ( IT ) | Guinness Book of World Records in Solving Rubiks' Cube | IIT Bombay Alumnus .

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thank u sir for being so spontaneous.. great learning experience once again. looking forward to 11th & 12th. ye do bhi jaldi upload kar dijiye sir.
I am trying asap. Hope you liked these two coz many people are saying its rubbish and absurd.... they are saying its better to read the books instead of watching these lessons...
Sanghamitra Deb
3 years ago
wel, its lyk d 'development chapter'.. evryone has their own opinion based on their comfort level and prospect. but sir thr r many of us who r liking d videos. so ????. plz continue sir.
Sanghamitra Deb
3 years ago
and d vedios are time saving, coz ncerts r d most imp basic books to start with.. bt everything is not imp. what i personally like here is dat d vedios are covering d imp and required topics dat we must b aware of, dat will help us to undrstand d whole economic front of d country.
Thanks a lot sanghamitra. Bhalo laglo...
Arpita Prakash
3 years ago
Do care about people like us who are waiting for your courses for the other classes too... you can very well choose to ignore the subjective opinions who anyways don't form a part of majority. Your illustrations make things easy and learning a fun :)
Yes exactly the point, its not about the people with contrasting opinions but about the majority that gains a lot through it, being one of the majority part, i request you to continue with the series & let us enjoy learning ☺
Arpita Prakash
3 years ago
I second Alok :)
Yeah sure ;)
Thanks alok and arpita for such a great support...
Sanghamitra Deb
3 years ago
sir, class 10th is done.. 11th kab aega?
Manish Saini
3 years ago
thnxx mam plz make class 11 & 12...
Ankit Kumar
3 years ago
sir kya geography ke or video bana sakte h
Ji bilkul☺
Arindam dutta
2 years ago
sir r u bengali?
Resistant to the transmission of certain kinds of radiation, usually light. Metals and many minerals are opaque to light, while being transparent to radio waves and neutrinos. Compare translucent, transparent.
Sir my score- 9, can you please advise me that what all constitutional amendments acts must be prepared as well as some important articles..??
Materials that do not allow light to pass through are called opaque materials., frosted glass,notebook paper,wax paper.
7/10 opaque - wood 100th constitution amendment is to solve boundary dispute b/w India​ and Bangladesh
Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) between India and Bangladesh (100th Amendment) Act, 2015
  1. UPSC 2018 Top 500Expected MCQs by IIT-ian Presented By - Akash Agrawal

  2. Test 2 There will be total 25 Tests (250 MCQs) 10 Questions in Each test .Mix ( Polity, Economy, Environment, Science and Tech , IR etc.) . There will be Surprises and Assignments "You are the MASTER of your DESTINY: No one and nothing can come in between you and your destiny except you. Take destiny by the horns and HAVE FUN." Write down your scores , A Must!

  3. Instructions Paused the video Answer the question Resume Score 9-10Very high chance of selection 7-8 5-6 3- 4 0-2Wake Up Remarks Keep going, just there Need to do more ,burn more fuel More hard work Must calculate score Write down belovw Assess your self

  4. Q1) lf you put few drops of oil on a piece of paper and put it on top of a ligh bulb, the paper shows the property ofa: A) Transparent matter B) Opaque matter C) Rough matter D) Translucent matter

  5. D) Translucent matter The material through which objects can be seen but not clearly known as Translucent. The bulb can be seen thorough the paper but not clear enough after one puts few drops of oil on it Assignment 1 example of opaque matter? (comment)

  6. Q2) which of the following methods can be used a methods of separating substances from their mixtures? 1. Filtration 2. Evaporation 3. Sieving 4. Winnowing Select the correct answer using the codes given below? A) 1 and 2 only B) 3 and 4 only C) 1,3 and 4 only D)All of the above

  7. D)All of the above Filtration can be used to separate components of a mixture of an insoluble solid from a liquid Evaporation is the process in which a liquid gets converted into its vapour Evaporation can be used to separate a solid dissolved in a liquid Sieving allow the find four particles to pass through the holes of the sieve while the bigger impurities remain on the sieve. Winnowing is used to separate heavier and lighter components of a mixture

  8. Q3) Which of the following properties of magnet is not correct? A) Magnets attack nickel and cobalt B) A freely suspended magnet always align in north south direction C) Opposite poles of the two magnets repeal each other D) magnets looses their properties on hearing or being dropped from some height

  9. C) Opposite poles attract, Same poles repels each other

  10. Q4) which of the following processes are chemical changes? 1. Extracting iron from iron ore 2. Explosion of a firework 3. Slice of an apple acquiring brown color 4. Digestion 5. Stretching a rubber band Select the correct answer using the code given below A) 1, 2 and 4 only B) 1 and 3 only C) 3 and 5 only D) 1, 2, 3 and 4 only

  11. Q5)Consider the following difference between ionic and covalent compounds: 1. lonic compounds have higher melting and boiling points compared to covalent compounds 2. lonic compounds are soluble in non polar liquid while covalent compounds are soluble in polar compounds Which of the statements give above is / are correct? A) 1 only B) 2 only C) Both 1 and 2 D ) Neither 1 nor 2

  12. Q7) Consider the following statements regarding the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)? 1. The work of the ICRC is based on , among others, the Geneva Conventions of 1949 2. The ICRC is an independent, neutral organization ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence Select the correct answer using the codes given below? A) 1 only B ) 2 only C) Both 1 and 2 D ) Neither 1 nor 2

  13. 8)Panglong Peace Conference which was recenty in news is concemed with? A) Human right violations in army ruled states. B) Deliberation on resolving the Gulf Crises C) national reconciliation of minorities in Myanmar D) None of these

  14. C) It is concerned with National Reconciliation of minorities in Myanmar

  15. Q9) What is the cause of rift between Qatar and other Arab nations? A) Qatar's decision to not align its fuel prices with the price followed by other Arab countries. B) Qatar's refusal to join Gulf Cooperation Council in signing a Free Trade Area Agreement C) Qatar's alleged funding to terror organization backed by Iran D ) None o these

  16. Thank You "There is always something more to learn. Check our other courses EVEN FOR A MASTER. April (Hindi + English) Editorial discussion Evergreen science and technology topic Top 250 S & T McQs