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Synonyms 5

Rima Gurung
MA English. Worked as a Voice and Accent Trainer in an MNC for 3.5 years. Very passionate about teaching.

Unacademy user
sir ur lesson is too helpful for me but at the time i want u to make lesson of book list and how to approach for english medium students...
plz make more videos on this topic your way of teaching help alots
Rima Gurung
8 months ago
sure.. will do..appreciate your kind words☺☺
Thank you for the video! its so helpful!
Rima Gurung
8 months ago
Welcome dear
  1. Synonyms Presented by Rima.

  2. ABOUT ME: Masters In English. . Voice and Accent trainer. Educator at Unacademy. Passionate about teaching and a lover of words. Rate, Review and Share. Follow me on Unacademy.

  3. Target Audience Aspirants for various Bank Exams like- IBPS PO Clerk LIC IBPS RRB SBl

  4. Let's Practice Directions: Choose the word meaning SIMILAR to the tollowing woras 1. ECSTATIC A) Animated Fitful B) Enraptured C) Bewildered D) Answer: B) Enraptured. Meaning: Feeling overwhelming or exceptional happiness, overjoyed, euphoric, thrilled Example: Jim has been ecstatic ever since he learned of his wife's pregnancy

  5. 2. COMMEMORATE A) Boast B) Remember C) Manipulate D) Harmonize Answer: B) Remember Meaning: Recall and show respect for (someone or something), pay tribute. Example: The general will commemorate the soldier's act of heroism by presenting him with a medal 3. ACCLAIM A) Discharge Answer: D) Applaud Meaning: praise enthusiastically and publicly, speak highly of, compliment. Example: Since her last movie, the amazing actress has won national acclaim and several Hollywood roles. B) Divide C) Excel D) Applaud

  6. 4. REDEEM A) Extend Answer: D) Recover Meaning: gain or regain possession of (something) in exchange for payment, retrieve, reclaim, pay off. Example: I can't wait to redeem my loan, so I can free myself of debt. B) Fulfill C) ReconsiderD) Recover 5. HAPLESS A) Lucky B) Peaceful C) Unfortunate D) Happy Answer: C) Unfortunate Meaning: Il-fated, miserable, out of luck. Example: The hapless storeowners went bankrupt during the economic crisis.

  7. 6. IMPERTINENT A) Impudent Irritable Answer: A) Impudent Meaning: Not showing proper respect; rude, impolite, ill-mannered. Example: Since he is always disrespectful and impertinent with his peers and customers, Raman has lost four jobs within the past year. B) Skeptical C) Thoughtless D) 7. DISCOMFIT A) Litigate B) Embarrass C) Conflict D) Frustrate Answer: B) Embarrass Meaning: Make a person feel uneasy or uncomfortable. Example: Because Ann does not like her mother-in-law, she tries to discomfit her when she visits

  8. 8. INTRIGUE A) Request Answer: C) Plot Meaning: Make secret plans to do something detrimental or dangerous to someone, conspire Example: When the robbers took the money from the bank using a simple computer program, their actions revealed a clever financial intrigue. B) Poisorn C) Plot D) Veto 9. PROSPERITY A) Significant Cleverness Answer: B) Opulence Meaning: Wealth, success, Luxury, good fortune. Example: When Jake reached his goal of prosperity, he realized he had neglected his family for his professional achievements B) Opulence C) Fame D)

  9. 10. ACCOLADE A)Welcome Arrival B) Award C) Affection D) Answer: B) Award Meaning: A recognition granted as a special honor or as arn acknowledgement of merit, prize, gift. Example: Since the lone fireman rescued twenty children from a burning bus, he will more than likely receive an accolade from the president.

  10. Thank you