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Synonyms 3
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Synonyms 3

Rima Gurung
MA English. Worked as a Voice and Accent Trainer in an MNC for 3.5 years. Very passionate about teaching.

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  1. Practice Synonyms Questions Ergish Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Presented by Rima

  2. ABOUT ME: Masters in English. .Voice and Accent trainer. Educator at Unacademy Passionate about teaching and a lover of words, . Rate, Review and Share. Follow me on Unacademy.

  3. Target Audience Aspirants for various Bank Exams like- LIC IBPS PO Clerk SBI IBPS RRB

  4. Let's Practice Directions: Choose the word meaning SIMILAR to the following words. 1. LUDICROUS B) Moderate D) A) Anticipate Absurd C) Satisfaction Answer: D) Absurd Meaning: Ridiculous, silly, unreasonable, stupid. Example: Although Shelley knew it was ludicrous to wear shorts in the freezing weather, she still put on her favorite cutoff jeans.

  5. 2. VOGUE A) Fashion Answer: A) Fashion Meaning: The prevailing/existing fashion or style at a particular time, trend Example: Painting the front door a bright color has become vogue because many people now want this part of their house to stand out. B) Rejection C) Order D) Satisfaction 3. ZENITH A) Lowest point Answer: D) Summit Meaning: The time at which something is most powerful or successful, at the top or peak. Example: The singer reached the zenith of her career when she sold over twelve million records in 2017. B) Middle C) Compass D) Summit

  6. 4. VENDETTA A) Feud Answer: A) Feud Meaning: Fight, argument, clash, dispute, revenge. Example: Because Helen stole Emily's car, Joan has waged a vendetta against her. B) Friendship C) Mortal D) Mortal 5. JEALOUS A) Obvious Ferocious Answer: C) Envious Meaning: Resentment/dislike of other's possessions, achievements wealth. Example: His success has made some of his old friends jealous B) Atrocious C) Envious D)

  7. 6. MIRTH A) Reluctant Merriment Answer: D) Merriment Meaning: Laughter, amusement, glee, cheerfulness. Example: The family were full of mirth and excitement after winning the game show. B) Indecent C) Reputation D) 7. DEPLETE A) Replenish Answer: B) Exhaust Meaning: Use up the supply of something, spend, consume Example: When we continually cut down forests, we are choosing to deplete one of our greatest resources. B) Exhaust C) Mix D) Assert

  8. 8. RESILIENT A) Rigid Answer: B) Flexible Meaning: Able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions, adaptable, not giving up. Example: Despite a cancer diagnosis, Mary remained resilient and fought until the very end. B) Flexible C) Dull D) Merciless 9. CATASTROPHE A) Tragedy Answer: A) Tragedy Meaning: Disaster, calamity, mishap. Example: During the catastrophe over a thousand families lost their homes. B) Anger C) Violence D) Hatred

  9. 10. ABROGATE A) Revive B) Abolish C) Confirm D) Condemn Answer: B) Abolish Meaning: To do away with ( a law, right etc.), discontinue, invalidate, cancel. Example: You cannot abrogate anyone's right to free speech!

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