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synonyms 1

Rima Gurung
MA English. Worked as a Voice and Accent Trainer in an MNC for 3.5 years. Very passionate about teaching.

Unacademy user
Very helpful videos But background is not good Questions are not seen properly
Thanks for Providing a great session..
Rima Gurung
10 months ago
welcome ☺☺☺
Rima Gurung
9 months ago
Thanks a lot
great teaching
Rima Gurung
a year ago
Thank you☺☺☺😊😊😊
  1. SYNONYMS Presented by Rima.

  2. ABOUT ME: Masters in English. . Voice and Accent trainer. Educator at Unacademy. Passionate about teaching and a lover of words. e Rate, Review and Share. unacademy.

  3. Target Audience Aspirants for various Bank Exams like- LIC IBPS PO Clerk SBI IBPS RRB

  4. What are Synonyms? Here are some examples.. Word Huge Big Small -Tiny ScareFrighten Truthful Honest Synonym words that have the same meaning gift kids present children

  5. Let's Practice Directions to the following words. : Choose the word meaning SIMILAR 1. DREADFUL A) Tiny Atrocious C) Undismayed B) Reputable D) Answer D) Atrocious Meaning: Example: My Extremely bad, unpleasant, terrible, awful, horrible. ittle brother says that he had a dreadful dream last ht

  6. 2. BRUNT A)Ease Answer: C) Strain Meaning: The most unpleasant part of something, pressure, stress, burden Example: As the task manager, my husband will bear the brunt of the client's anger when the project is not finished on time. B) Relaxation C) Strain D) Peace 3. FUTILE A)Vain Fruitful Answer: A) Vain B) Worthwhile C) Valuable D) eaningrP Example: moving but he continued to run after it anyway Pointless, ineffective, of no use, fruitless, in vain. ohn knew it was futile to catch the train once it startee

  7. 4. RIPOSTE A) Trouble Question Answer: B) Retort Meaning: a quick, witty and clever reply to an insult or criticism. Example: PM Modi is known for having a brilliant riposte to nearly any insult or criticism. B) Retort C) Maneuver D) 5. OBSCURITY A) Dimness Credence Answer Meaning: Exampler B) Certainty C) Definiteness D) wer: A) Dimness : non-recognition, being unkn : A fter a promising first novel, she faded into obscuri

  8. 6. DETERRENT A) Incentive Consolation Answer: C) Discouragement Meaning: thing intended to discourage someone from doing something Example: When I saw the security guard in the store, I knew he was there as a theft deterrent. B) Force C) Discouragement D) 7. PERILOUS A) Definite Treacherous Answer: B) Certain C) Calm D) D) Treacherous full of danger or risk. eaning Example our s Since the journey is perilous, be sur fe

  9. Thank you