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Surface Tension (in Hindi)
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This lesson throws light on surface tension (in Hindi)

Harshit Aggarwal
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  3. SURFACE ENERGY OF FLUIDS OR SURFACE TENSION All the fluids in nature made from tiny molecules and the surface of the fluids exhibits a tensile force in energy form which makes the fluid to hold other matter easily.This is due to forces of molecules (cohesive forces and adhesive forces) - - Cohesive forces are those forces caused between own molecules attraction.E.g. mercury liquid Adhesive forces are those forces which are attraction between 2 different matter molecules. Surface tension of liquids> Surface tension of gases It is represented by 0. -

  4. SURFACE ENERGY OF FLUIDS OR SURFACE TENSION Forsce CF) unit length surfare a6liquid units of surfate tenson rM Sec Unit MLT-2 ha er-Nr. 0-613N erty pos osses Joules Tuer 0.944 unit suface Area M: 6670 M2 unit tength D

  5. SURFACE TENSION IN LIQUID DROPLET p : Diff in Press re a Liquid er eated CNI ess uTe Droplet a Liquid Pressure exerted by fluid due to surface tension unit length P: force 2 4t

  6. SURFACE TENSION IN BUBBLE f: 4D2 Gas For Liquid Bubble drapleb

  7. JET OF LIQUID Prescure aifferente Cap) F rea unit lengMh L> D DROPLET 2

  8. QUESTION sinfoe 1ension af .kr th arr katace is o 013 Nlm. 1heGouge,pret sure inside a roir droplet of diameter immm uill be.

  9. SOLUTION 0073 to-3 292 N/m2

  10. QUESTION A coate Jet issued fom a nozzle of diameter olmm and langth es mm tu surface Tecicn ab water with air in evfatef O.OFSN- chat is he Pressure inaide the jet abave the atmespheve n re ssure tnside