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Bubble Break Off (in Hindi)
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This lesson throws light on bubble break off.

Harshit Aggarwal
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Hello sir. Good evening . Sir i'm new to civil services preparation . So i'm just following unacademy. Sir in modern indian history till now i didn't touch any book . The first in modern indian history is i saw your video and i got complete knowledge on modern indian history. Sir now shall i read any other book or is this course enough ? If i should read any other book please tell me which book to read. Please do reply sir. thank you for the course.

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  3. QUESTION A coate Jet issued fom a nozzle of diameter olmm and langth es mm tu surface Tecicn ab water with air in evfatef O.OFSN- chat is he Pressure inaide the jet abave the atmespheve n re ssure tnside


  5. BUBBLE BREAK OFF work Read to Break a liquid Bubble. RING Bubble Break offe Possesed :F 0 2su ace.r unit lengt unit A QUID U BBLE S6 thin film 2 2. 4AR AAR

  6. BREAK OFF INTO SMALL BUBBLES moass eafore calopse. Masky lteps Mass Big Bubdleswall 3 3 3

  7. WORK REQUIRED TO BREAK 'N' BUBBLES Arta al swmall Babbles Big Bubt A) change mara mo: db Bubbles Avea

  8. QUESTION What is the energy required to break the soap liquid bubble of diameter 100mm. Surface tension of soap solution is 0.05 N/m a) .00157 Joule (N/m) b) 00314 Joule (N/m) c) .00628 Joule (N/m) d) None 2. 2xAX 100 x 10-3 3-14x 0-3 ou les

  9. QUESTION What is the force necessary to lift a platinum wire from water surface as shown in fig. Neglect self weight of ring and buoyancy force. a) 00685 N b) 0137N c) .0274 N d) .0175 N Given : -.073 N/m

  10. SOLUTION 0.013 fevc e applied D: 0 04 [a-inside and 2 0.04 Like a ring outside surt CrN